Super Greens + Reds

Super Greens + Reds


Super Greens + Reds Wholefood Multi-Formulation features a nourishing blend of organic fruit, vegetables, sprouts, and herbs with the added benefit of prebiotic fibres in the protein base.

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Combining bio-fermented and sprouted grains, seeds, and legumes in our carefully blended Super Greens + Reds provides the building blocks and the nutrients to enliven your whole body, helping you feel clear, vibrant and completely nourished.


  • Gross weight: 150g


  • Ingredients: Organic Phyto-Nutrient Greens Blend 256 mg^, Natural Vitamin & Mineral Blend 148 mg^, Organic Antioxidant Reds Blend 130 mg^, Super Fruit Blend 122 mg^, Organic Sprouted & Bio Fermented Live Protein 85 mg^, Organic Digestive & Gastrointestinal Blend 79 mg^, EFA (essential fatty acids) & Fibre Blend 64 mg^, Organic Bio-Fermented Pre & Probiotic Blend 63 mg^, Superfood, Herbs & Immunity Blend 30 mg^, Liver Support & Circulation Blend 13 mg^, Flavour Extract & Plant Based Sweetener 10 mg^. *Certified Organic by Organic Food Chain
  • Proudly Australian made