Myofascial Yoga Therapy


Myofascial Yoga Therapy

Relieve pain, soothe tightness and massage your body with a myofascial yoga class at Tamara Yoga!

Myofascial yoga is a therapeutic yoga class comprised of simple stretches and movements followed by the application of fascial release techniques. This aims to soothe areas of tension, tightness and discomfort in the body by using the wonderful massaging effect of tennis balls. During this class, you will increase blood flow, improve muscle range, maintain functional muscular length and encourage the movement of your lymphatic system. With all of these added benefits, it’s easy to see why this class has become increasingly popular!

The term ‘myofascial’ refers to the pain that occurs in your body’s fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that spreads throughout your whole body, surrounding every muscle, bone, nerve and organ-like a spiderweb. When healthy, it creates ease of movement throughout the body allowing us to stretch and move freely with strength and ease. However, this can become very painful when pressure builds up on the sensitive points around your muscles. Self-applied myofascial release is shown to relieve chronic pain, restore your body’s range of motion, shorten recovery time and reduce the possibility of injury. Through massage techniques, correct movements and controlled breathing, myofascial yoga brings relief, awareness and an understanding of our pain.

While myofascial therapy has been successful in treating a range of pain levels, it is also considered a great choice to help deal with feelings of stress and anxiety. Fascial release not only creates physical release but moves you into a deep state of peace and relaxation, encouraging the release of emotional stress.

At Tamara Yoga, we provide a peaceful and powerful practice of myofascial yoga therapy as a great way to relieve pain throughout your body and mind.  For more information on our yoga classes for myofascial pain, email info@tamarayoga.com.

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