Yoga Classes Perth

It is no secret that yoga provides fantastic health benefits. Your health, wellbeing and happiness are vital. If not just for you, but for those you love. Our Yoga classes will awaken your sense of balance and harmony. Please take part in a class at one of our yoga studios in Perth and feel the stress of daily life melt away. Discover your true physical and spiritual potential under the mindful guidance of a Yoga teacher.

Our Yoga classes will surround you with a sense of calm as you flow through a sequence of movements. Every Yoga class will allow you to focus on your breathing and reconnect with your centre. As the leading yoga studio in Perth, you can rest assured that our yoga classes will bring you mindfulness, peace and wellbeing.

Perth's Leading Yoga Studio

Join our ever-growing community at Tamara Yoga. Sweat in strengthening classes, feel one with the universe with meditation, increase your peace with our Yin Yoga classes, go deep with soothing restorative Yoga, power up your flow with Vinyasa Yoga and when you want a class? Fly in and out in 45 minutes with a TY + Fly session. Situated in two convenient locations, we offer a wide range of yoga classes in Perth that cater for all skill levels and capabilities.

From our beginner's Yoga courses to children's and, right through to our Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training, Tamara Yoga's classes provide a safe and authentic Yoga experience delivered by qualified Yoga instructors. View our wide range of yoga classes at Tamara Yoga. Our Yoga studio instructors are excited to welcome you into one of our many classes. Please choose from one of our two yoga studio locations in Claremont and Bibra Lake or view the timetable for our Yoga classes above.

What is the Best Yoga Class for You?

If you are just beginning your yoga journey, and have never attended a traditional yoga class before or want to refresh your memory, we recommend starting with one of our 6 Week Beginner Courses. If you're unable to attend a beginner's course, we also offer beginners drop-in yoga classes.

Beginner Classes

Have you wanted to begin practising yoga because it's so good for you but been concerned about not being flexible enough? We totally understand. That's why we have drop-in classes for yoga beginners and specifically designed beginners courses. Our Beginners Course is specifically designed for those completely new to yoga, so you'll find a yoga teacher that makes you feel supported and know exactly what to do.

All Skill Level Yoga Classes

If you are looking for an intermediate or experienced yoga class in Perth, feel free to attend any of our all-level classes. Yoga is a non-competitive practice. Our Tamara Yoga teachers are experienced and trained to adjust the practice to suit your personal requirements. The all-level yoga class is suitable for those who are reasonably fit and strong.

Advanced Yoga Classes

For advanced students who want a challenging, vigorous yoga practice, our all-levels yoga studio will provide variations that will cater to your skill level.

Specialised Yoga Classes

Our Yoga Studio offers specialised classes for those who have an injury or are recovering from illness. These classes can also be beneficial for people suffering from stress and who are having problems sleeping. Our Restorative Yoga classes or Private Yoga Therapy will help you learn techniques to help you sleep well and improve your mental health.

Group Yoga Classes at Your Workplace or School

Would you like us to come and teach yoga classes at your work or school? We can arrange a customised program perfect for you and your needs. Contact us today and have a chat with our friendly team about your next yoga class!