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If you’re wanting to improve your flexibility, build strength, reduce stress and calm your mind, all in the comfort of your own home, our online yoga classes are perfect for you.

Our online yoga classes are all conducted live from our Claremont studio. They’re not pre-recorded, so you get the full benefit of having your yoga teacher there with you providing ongoing support and encouragement.

We offer a variety of yoga classes online, from vinyasa to yin, meditation to sweat & samadhi. Plenty of options so you can choose which class suits you!

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Our All Levels Vinyasa classes are designed to be suitable – just like the name says – for all levels. Ideal for beginners and experienced yogis the classes involve flowing series of postures to help you build strength, flexibility and inner peace. Modifications are offered if you’re a beginner and challenging variations are available for experienced students. You’re encouraged and taught how to personalise your practice in our well rounded, welcoming classes.

This class is perfect for the Type A student who struggles with finding stillness. You’ll begin with a strong asana practice to burn out the impurities trapped in the physical body, followed by a series of restorative postures to calm the nervous system. A brief meditation at the close will lead you back to your source of pure potential, or Samadhi, which is the true state of yoga.

The awesome way to begin your day! This class helps you set the tone, so that you feel ready to face the day as the best version of you. Practice breathing exercises, warm your body, and flow through poses to awaken, release and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Take this time for yourself and experience the magic of self-care to start your day. You’ll be surprised at the difference even a short practice makes to how you feel.

Yin yoga helps you to increase flexibility, completely relax and feel young and free. Yin yoga focuses particularly on the connective tissue around the joint to enhance the natural range of motion in the joints. This restorative practice is passive in nature, allowing you to sit in a variety of poses for a longer length of time (typically, 3-5 minutes) to reach the deeper layers of fascia.

The chakras are energetic wheels of energy that have a profound effect on our physical, emotional, and energetic state. In this class, you’ll explore how the different chakras manifest and can come into balance through our yoga practice. This class combines both asana to create physical harmony as well as kriya and meditation to create inner and outer resonance. Leaving you feeling balanced and bringing clarity into your life.

Meditation really is the secret to living well! Research has proven that meditation has a profound effect on not only your mental wellbeing and stress levels, but also on your physical health. Combined with a blissful yin practice to ease tension in the body, this is the perfect class for those looking to be less stressed, happier, healthier and able to think more clearly.

Restorative Yoga is a very gentle form of yoga focused on relaxing your body in restful positions, giving you the opportunity to renew and heal. Restorative yoga literally restores you. Each posture is practiced with blankets and cushions called bolsters. The bolster provides softness and support and informs your body to soften and release tension. Such a practice encourages you to relax at a deep level and to let go of clinging or gripping. This rests your body and mind and is deeply rejuvenating.

How to Book

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To access our online classes you’ll just need to book in as you would a regular class – at least an hour before the start time.

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You can use your TY Unlimited Membership, class packages, or sign up for a TY Online drop-in for $18 / class.

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To get you ready for TY Online, please set up your free personalised account with Zoom here.

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We’ll then send you the Zoom link an hour prior to the class start time. Please join the live stream 5 minutes before the start time of the class.

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And rest assured, while you can see and hear us, we can’t see or hear you 🙂