Is our Teacher Training right for you?

Any of the following sound like you?

  • You feel a burning need to make a difference and share your love of yoga. Yoga’s made such a great impact on your life,  you’re bursting to share it.
  • You know you want to make the shift to a fulfilling career as a yoga teacher. You want to learn to teach authentic yoga.
  • You feel the need to deepen your practice, but you’re not sure you want to be a teacher.
  • You’ve already completed other yoga teacher training courses, but you’d like to study yoga further and receive more mentoring.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Tamara Yoga Teacher Training could be perfect for you. You don’t have to feel like you’re fully ready.

You don’t need to know more than you do now to enrol in our yoga teacher training course. You don’t need to have your own practice at a ‘certain level’ to start. In fact, they’re all reasons for you to complete our yoga teacher training!

Our studios are conveniently located close to Perth CBD, in Claremont, Bibra Lake and Online. Our Yoga Teacher Training program is held at our Claremont studio. We’ll teach you how to make your dream a reality. We’ll help you appreciate your authentic voice and in doing so, help you truly connect with others. We’ll help you really live your yoga.

It’s okay if you feel a little unsure, as some of our previous trainees have also felt that way:

“If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it,’ is how I felt about undertaking yoga teacher training. I’m so glad I did it. And I’m so glad I chose Tamara to be my teacher. I found inner strength I never knew or dreamed was there. I found my tribe. And I found the joy of sharing the magic of yoga with others, and watching it transform them too.” – Pennie

“Today was the last class of our two-year yoga teacher training! I’m so excited for the future, but also so grateful for a truly incredible two years spent with some of the most amazing humans who all shared and loved and supported each other. Words don’t really cut it, but I’m so thankful for everything and everyone I have in my life, you’re all shining stars to me.” – Sarah 

The Tamara Yoga Teacher Training course offers real life, meaningful and applicable teachings born from education and experience. At Tamara Yoga, we’re dedicated to having the ancient teachings of yoga come alive for you.

“Tamara’s Teacher Training is exceptional. When I started I could not imagine I would ever teach. I just loved yoga so much I wanted more. The course gave me everything I needed to grow and step into teaching.” – Fiona P

In our yoga teacher training program in Perth, trainees are required to attend regular Tamara Yoga classes as well as teacher training lectures. During our yoga instructor training course, this intense practice in yogic techniques of asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation will deepen your own practice, accelerate your development and facilitate your ability to transmit yoga. You’ll learn the keys to happiness.

We know that training and being a professional yoga teacher is to live an inspired and inspiring life. Being a yoga teacher, in whatever way is meaningful to you, is to live a life consistent with your values. It means you contribute to peace and happiness in the world and if you choose to go on to become a yoga instructor, going to work will never seem like ‘work’ again.

Our friendly team at Tamara Yoga are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our yoga teacher training course in Perth. Contact us today on 08 9520 8419 or submit an enquiry to find out more.

Q: I love yoga and would really like to learn more, but I don’t want to be a yoga teacher or change my current job. Can I still attend your teacher training even if I don’t want to be a yoga teacher?

A: Absolutely. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the teachings of yoga. There will be time for self-reflection, deepening your own practice and learning more about the philosophy of yoga. You will learn skills that will enhance your current career. Several students who join each yoga teacher training intake in Perth are usually unsure of what they want to teach; they just feel compelled to learn more about yoga. They feel committed to yoga practice and they want to delve deeper, consistently, in a supportive environment.

At Tamara Yoga, we provide that nurturing, encouraging experience. Previous students who have undertaken our Tamara Yoga Teacher Training course have found that the skills learned, and knowledge gained have improved their life on all levels, including enhanced career performance and higher levels of inner happiness. As teacher trainee and naturopath, Margaret said, “I would say definitely do the training – even if you don’t want to teach. You will learn so much wonderful information and your inner self will be so enriched by this experience.”

Q: I’m not sure if I want to be a yoga teacher, or whether I’ll be good enough?

A: That’s one of the great benefits of our yoga instructor course being conducted in stages. Whether it’s one year at a time or one module at a time, you get to try it out without having to fully commit in advance to the complete training. The structure of the courses will give you time to develop as a teacher – and do take comfort; the best teachers didn’t start as inspiring as they are now. They too had to start from the beginning.

Q: I love yoga and would so love to teach it, but my own yoga practice isn’t really that great. I feel like there is so much more I need to learn before I can be a teacher.

A: That’s a wonderful sentiment. The best teachers know there is always more to learn. Keep in mind that there are many possible students of all ages, shapes and abilities, so who you become as a teacher after completing your yoga course will be just right for the right students in Perth or wherever you choose to teach. We don’t believe students want cookie-cutter teachers or a ‘one size fits all’ approach. An important part of the ethos at Tamara Yoga is learning how to personalise the teaching experience for each student. Something else you might like to know is that your own practice is very likely to develop exponentially over the period of your yoga instructor training. That is what we have continued to see with previous students who have completed our Perth yoga teacher training.

Q: I have completed other yoga training courses in Perth, but I don’t feel prepared to teach. I’ve heard really good things about the Tamara Yoga Teacher Training course, so I would like to register for this yoga instructor course. However, I don’t want to ‘repeat’ what I’ve already learned.

A: Yoga is a vast ocean of knowledge so there is so much to learn. Chances are it won’t be repetitive. We don’t want to comment on other yoga training in Perth, but what we can tell you though is what other students who have completed training and then studied at Tamara Yoga have said:

“I had already completed a 12 month long teacher training course and had been teaching yoga for 1 year when I went to my first class at Tamara Yoga. I enjoyed the class so much, I immediately thought: ‘That’s the way I want to teach yoga.’
I had concerns that doing teacher training again would involve lots of repetition of what I had already learnt. I realise now that teaching yoga is an ongoing learning experience that extends for as long as you teach. Some subject names may have been the same as my previous teacher training, but my experience of learning those subjects in the context of Tamara’s Teacher Training was much deeper and really enlightening. Apart from the quality of the course, I think what makes the difference is that Tamara holds her teacher trainees in her heart, with an ongoing connection as a mentor – as an authentic yoga teacher would. Years have passed and I now assist Tamara on teacher training courses – she has taught me to practice the same ‘connection’ with everyone I teach.” – Julie Dulaney, previous trainee and now successful teacher.

If you’ve already completed yoga training in Perth but you’re still drawn to our yoga instructor course, we encourage you to apply. Simply get in touch with Tamara Yoga today.

Weekday 350hr Teacher Training

Next intake: March 2024 –  Claremont, Perth

Tamara Yoga 350hr Teacher Training is a big step towards becoming an outstanding yoga teacher and in deepening your own Yoga practice.

Tamara Yoga has a reputation for excellence. Our extensive two-year program allows you time to integrate and process the teachings of yoga at the deepest level.

The Tamara Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training is held at Tamara Yoga in Claremont and Bibra Lake, Perth. This option runs over two years and includes Teacher Training lectures on weekly Thursday afternoons and Saturday workshops held during school terms.

We support you to take the actions needed to gain the skills and confidence required to teach Yoga. We teach you the techniques that mean you will get to where you really want to be. You’ll receive individual attention, as each training group is carefully chosen and spaces are limited to maximise learning. If you’re accepted, you’ll gain knowledge of precisely how to teach. Plus you’ll absorb the multitude of benefits of Yoga.

To integrate the teachings so that you understand them deeply and can communicate with true knowledge, attendance at three Tamara Yoga classes per week is required. The three yoga classes can be any of the daily Tamara Yoga classes in Perth at our Claremont and Bibra Lake studios and/or at Tamara Yoga Retreats in Broome, Yallingup and Bibra Lake. You’ll also have the opportunity to observe and assist in class.

Tamara Yoga is known for its dependably high standard of teachers – all of whom have completed the 2-year TYTT. The extensive two-year program allows time to integrate and process at the deepest level.

Successful graduates of the 2-year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training programme are eligible to immediately register at Level 1 [350 hours] with Yoga Australia.

Tamara Yoga has decades of experience producing inspiring and highly professional yoga teachers. Successful graduates of this Teacher Training will be the thirtieth group of certified Tamara Yoga Teachers.

Contact us at for more information

Each of our students decides to apply and enrol in Teacher Training for a unique reason. We so value this wonderful diversity. This is part of what makes Tamara Yoga Teacher Training different. Not only do we offer one of the most comprehensive training curriculums in Australia, we draw from a large community of beautiful souls, which gives you the opportunity to make new friends for life.

Yoga philosophy: gain understanding of the profound philosophy of Yoga and how you can apply it every day.
Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: discover how to incorporate this ancient wisdom into your life and how to weave it into your classes.
Developing your own practice: take your practice to another level, learn safe form for yourself, and deepen your experience of yoga.
Asana: learn detailed specific asana alignment, contraindications and benefits.
Ethics: truly embody yoga by living its teachings.
Voice: learn about voice tone, rhythm and clear communication techniques.
Non-violent communication: discover how to communicate with loving kindness and truth with yourself and others.
Teaching methodology: learn the skills and strategies that we’ve proven work to be an effective yoga teacher.
Teaching skills: discover how to create optimal states for learning and how to communicate clearly and powerfully.
Vinyasa sequencing: discover how to pace and sequence engaging classes that help students experience skill in action and increase mindfulness.
Pranayama: breath is considered the bridge between the body and the mind. Learn more about this key to unlocking your potential.
Inner cleansing: how to practice and teach purifying, healing kriya breathing techniques.
Yogic Physiology: you’ll be guided through the subtle and esoteric teachings of yoga.
Chakras: discover how to balance the subtle energy centres that govern relationships, creativity, personal power, magnetism, emotions, intuition and the ability to access your highest self.
Mantra: you’ll delve into the mystic formulas that draw you deeply into meditation and assist with profound transformation.
Meditation: you’ll learn about the gateway to inspiration, intuition, insight, well-being and regeneration for yourself and your students.
Presentation Skills: how to captivate the attention of your students.
Learning styles: how to teach accounting for each student’s uniqueness, so every student learns from you. Become adept at communicating in a way that students feel the class has been individualised for them.
Anatomy and Physiology: learn about the anatomy of movement, the nervous system, the physiology of the respiratory system, the circulatory system and the lymphatic system.
Mudras, Bandhas and Drishti: gain knowledge of the energetic circuits, keys and locks in your body.
Tantra: enrich your awareness through study, contemplation and practice of the Vienna Bhairava Tantra.
The Radiance Sutras: the yoga of delight, wonder and astonishment.
Yoga for pregnancy: you’ll understand the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, how to teach pregnant women, and enable them to feel strong and supported during this miraculous time.
Teaching yoga to children and teens: learn about their specific needs and abilities and how to teach enchanting classes children and teens will love.
Teaching yoga to seniors: You’ll be educated in research that supports the benefits of yoga practice for the elderly, including specific asana, contraindications and teaching tips.
Yoga therapy: learn about therapeutic application of yoga for students with injuries and illness.
Restorative Yoga: understand how to teach rejuvenating, restorative postures that will calm and soothe your students. Learn how to position bolsters and blankets to provide softness and support enabling students to release tension and relax deeply.
Yin Yoga: learn how to enhance the natural range of motion, releasing into the connective tissue to enhance the flow of prana in the tissues around the joints.
ISHTA: how to tailor lessons to meet individual needs so the class experience is safe, therapeutic, nurturing and liberating.
Ayurveda: the ancient, holistic Indian medicine of healing.
Practicum: practice teaching opportunities with constructive feedback.
Demonstration: principles of asana demonstration, learn how, why and when to demonstrate postures to inspire and educate your students.
How to create a ‘yoga space’: help your students feel transported from the mundane to an extraordinary experience of yoga.
Adjustments: how to adjust students via hands on assists.
Multi-skilled: become accomplished at incorporating the many different aspects of yoga into a seamless practice that you enjoy and students love.
Develop confidence and the knowledge: to teach Beginners, All Levels and Advanced Vinyasa classes.
Opportunities provided to observe and assist: sit in on classes so you gain valuable experience enabling you to be ready to teach when you graduate.
– And so much more!

You’ll have access to our comprehensive Tamara Yoga Teacher Training on-line manual which means no matter where you are, you’ll have access to a huge resource. Like carrying around several wise texts, except without the weight.

“The manual was my lifeline and it is such a privilege I have access to that wealth of information after I graduate.” – Sarah Mitchell

Weekday Teacher Training lectures are every  Thursday from 12.00pm – 2.00pm, except school holidays, (may be subject to change due to TY events). Anatomy & Physiology lectures are on approx 7 Saturdays in 2024.

Our 2-year schedule allows you to take your time to absorb the wisdom of yoga, alongside deepening your practice. You’ll delve deep into the tradition of authentic Yoga, discovering the art of embodying Yoga while learning the methods that work to make you a captivating communicator.

The Tamara Yoga approach is based on the awareness that within each of us is a deep well of contentment, strength and joy. Yoga is the tool that helps us recover our natural peacefulness and to know the true brilliance of your own soul.

We want to inspire you to realise your potential with Yoga. Our internationally recognised Tamara Yoga Teacher Training is known for outstanding results in reliably producing the highest quality teachers who’ve enjoyed every step of their training and are ready to share their knowledge with others.

Studying in our welcoming studio environment provides you with the support of being surrounded by our wonderful community. Our Yoga Teacher Trainees are TY family!

If you’re looking to expand your practice and learn more about Yoga, you could enrol in the Weekday Teacher Training simply for the purpose of deepening your knowledge of yoga. You’ll learn how to devise your own home practice, specifically for your own needs, so no matter where you are, your Yoga is with you.

If you’ve previously completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training elsewhere, and need further training to register as a Registered Level 1 Yoga Teacher, subject to application, you may be eligible to enrol with us to upgrade your qualification by successfully completing further training with us.

Acceptance into our program is via application and class numbers are strictly limited. Download an application form below. Please email for further information.

Once accepted, a $500 deposit secures your place. The balance of $2,995 for the first year is then due two weeks before the start of your Yoga Teacher Training in January 2023.

The 2nd year fee of $2,995 is due January, 2024. Payment plans are available. These fees are for Teacher Training Lectures and workshops, and doesn’t include Yoga classes.

To give you a student’s perspective, here’s some feedback from previous trainees:

“I began my teacher training after procrastinating about it for years – thinking I wouldn’t be good enough, it would be too hard, too intimidating. After the first session I realized that I was right where I needed to be; surrounded by inspiring teachers, Tamara and the most beautiful trainees who have become dear friends. I started the course with the intention of learning more about yoga and deepening my practice – I had no desire to teach – I didn’t think I would be good enough or brave enough. I was so surprised to discover after only a few months that I was in fact learning not only about yoga but about myself, my connection to others and about facing my fears. The beautiful teachings of yoga philosophy have deeply influenced me and I hope are making me a better mother, wife and friend. The practical teachings of alignment, anatomy and pranayama have helped to indeed deepen and enhance my love of yoga practice. To be fully immersed in such a beautiful course has been such a gift to me and I can’t recommend it highly enough. I am now so grateful to be teaching children and adults and it is such a joy to be able to share this gift.” – Mel W

“I felt so nervous, vulnerable and full of self-doubt sitting on the mat in our TT introduction; I did not see myself as a yogi, and I was not sure if my love for Tamara Yoga was enough of a prerequisite. As it turns out a year into the two year course I know it is. Today I stand as a yogi, strong and steady in mountain pose and have never felt more determined to finish what I started. I have moved through learning blocks that I never thought possible. In TT I have stepped into a community of likeminded friends. I breathe, I open my heart and I am back in my body, TT has been a truly transformative experience.” – Rebecca J

“My Tamara Yoga Teacher Experience has been transformational. It has truly deepened my own yoga practice and I feel like I am closer to my true self. The connection with the other trainees has been so beautiful, we are all from different backgrounds, of different ages and experiences, but we come together in our love of yoga. Deep friendships have blossomed from this base.

As a Mother of three young boys I feel amazed looking back on the first year of training of all that I have achieved. From the presentations to our anatomy exam, the things that have seemed so terrifying and insurmountable have become my greatest accomplishments. This has given me confidence in going forward, that I truly can do anything I set my mind, heart and soul towards.

After a year of yoga training, studying the philosophy and committing to my own practice, I felt I would have a great understanding of yoga, but after each learning I feel that excited thrill of a beginner. The knowledge we have been given is a drop in the ocean to all there is to know and that is fascinating to me. This path will never get boring.

The Tamara Yoga classes and the teachers that teach there have a little bit of magic sprinkled into them. When I leave class I feel like a different person to who I was going in. I am calmer, at peace and blissed out. I am truly grateful for this space to come to change my state of being whenever I need it.

Tamara is one of life’s true blessings. She was 100% correct when she realised that her Dharma was to teach yoga and spread the gift of it to others. By training us, her gift extends further, and I am so proud to be one of her students.

My goal when I started this was to be trained to spread my love of yoga to others and Tamara Yoga Teacher Training is exactly the right place for me to do this. The Universe has truly put me in the place where I need to be.

If you are considering Teacher Training with Tamara don’t let your fears stand in your way of your true path. We are all terrified, but our beautiful teacher training group and Tamara support us each step of the way.”
__ Nicola Garcia

“Today after 2 amazing years of Teacher Training with Tamara Graham I come to my final exam. This has been one of the most life changing experiences I’ve had to date, this journey has been about me, for me. I feel it has made me get to know my true self and has given me the tools to look at life with new eyes. It has been stressful, frustrating and daunting at times but above all so amazingly rewarding. I have met the most beautiful people along the way who will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you everyone who has done TT18 with me, the support and friendship you have given is beyond words. Thank you Tamara for your wisdom, joy and ability to share your unending knowledge of Yoga and life. Hari Om Om Tat Sat.” _Leah

To assist you with teacher training and once you’re teaching, you will have access to the comprehensive Tamara Yoga Teacher Training on-line manual. “The manual was my lifeline and it is such a privilege I have access to that wealth of information after I graduate.” ___Sarah Mitchell, TYTT graduate.

“I wanted to improve my overall health and mental wellbeing and was also trying to conceive. Somehow, I just knew the answer was yoga, and it was successful – we have a beautiful 18-month-old boy to prove it! If you’re the type of person already seeking a more contented life, yoga is the way to bring union to mind, body and spirit.” – Stacey Conti

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