tamara yoga studio courses 2023

Teen Yoga Course

Exams. Assignments.
Family expectations.
Friends. Choosing subjects.
Deciding on your career for the rest of your whole life?!!
Just a regular day.
No wonder you’re stressed, frustrated, rushed, anxious, angry, and emotional. Tired, and yet having trouble getting to sleep!
There’s too much going on all the time. You feel pressured and pulled in so many directions.
You need time to just relax. To not have to prove anything to anyone. To not have to measure up for anything.
To just be yourself.
That’s what Yoga is. Your time.
Where you get to relax and discover your inner yogi!
So you feel more calm, more at ease. Happier.
Come experience the peaceful sanctuary Yoga provides.
Freedom. Peace. Joy.

Term 1 course dates 2024:

TBC | 4 – 5pm | Clarement | Dr Talia Steed

Fee: $175 or $35 for a drop-in class