Our All Levels Vinyasa classes are designed to be suitable – just like the name says – for all levels. Ideal for beginners and experienced yogis the classes involve flowing series of postures to help you build strength, flexibility and inner peace. Modifications are offered if you are a beginner and challenging variations are available for advanced students. You are encouraged and taught how to personalise your practice in our well rounded, welcoming classes.

You have the opportunity to experience yoga as part of your life – rather than just something you do once a week. As the experience of wholeness becomes more and more familiar to you this yogic state will permeate your life.

Our Online Vinyasa All Levels Yoga Schedule

Monday | 9:30am | Tamara | TY Online

Tuesday | 7:30am | Margaret | TY Online

Tuesday | 5:30pm | Tamara | TY Online

Wednesday | 5:30pm | Jess | TY Online

Thursday | 7:30am | Margaret | TY Online

Friday| 12:30pm | Tamara | TY Online

Saturday | 7:00am | Fish | TY Online

Sunday | 9:30am | Jess | TY Online


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