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Trauma Informed Yoga Course

Trauma is stored in the body. After a traumatic experience, the nervous system can respond to triggering situations as though the traumatic experience is happening all over again. This can lead to a sense of disconnection from the body in order to cope. Yoga can offer a potent way to befriend, and regain a sense of safety in, your body. Yoga offers an empowering path towards healing; it can help you reclaim a sense of steadiness and ease.

Our 5-week Trauma Informed Yoga course invites participants to learn skills including mindfulness and meditation, the use of breath in regulating autonomic arousal, body awareness, distress tolerance and insight. It will support participants with a history of trauma and/or symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief, to experience a sense of agency and control over their bodies. A useful adjunct to individual psychotherapy, this course is informed by the internationally recognised best practice principles of Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY).

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Facilitated by clinical psychologists Chloe Thornton-Hick and Deliah Cassidy, who both have experience in supporting clients with a history of trauma across both the private and public sector, these small classes will have a maximum of 10 participants and offer a safe, supportive space for participants to develop psychological skills whilst practicing yoga. Participants in our Trauma Informed Yoga course will not be expected to discuss their histories and those under a GP Mental Health Care are able to claim a Medicare rebate.

Fee: $250 ($160.75 can be claimed back from Medicare)

If you have any further questions about our course, feel free to fill in the contact form below, we’re always more than happy to help.

Next course dates:

11am | Saturdays 6th April – 4th May 2024 | Bibra Lake