Meditation really is the secret to living well! Research has proven that meditation has a profound effect on not only your mental wellbeing and stress levels, but also on your physical health.

This is the perfect class if you want to be less stressed, happier and healthier. You will be lead through some gentle poses to prepare the body for meditation before being guided in a meditation practice. This class is perfect for everyone, from experienced meditators to those who have never meditated before.

There’s scientific evidence that meditation increases mental clarity, concentration, memory,  cognitive function, increases empathy and compassion, improves sleep, lessens anxiety, elicits the relaxation response, decreases depression, reduces stress, eases chronic pain, reduces blood pressure, and in some cases, even reverses the effects of heart disease. Meditation enhances your wellbeing, fosters more harmonious relationships and increases happiness. It’s like a magic pill with no side-effects.  In our meditation classes you’ll learn techniques that effortlessly lead you to profound peace and joy.

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