Imagine being in your very own class. 100% designed for just you. Private tuition enables you to progress at your own rate, with instruction and hands on adjustments designed precisely to deepen your practice. Classes are tailored specifically to your needs and address many different requirements.

They’re great if you’d like to learn how to apply yoga philosophy in your own life.

They’re amazing for taking your practice to a new level, and for learning about meditation. Or if you’re new to yoga, and want to get a hang of the basics before you join group classes.

Individual classes are ideal if you have injuries or particular health concerns, as you can get expert advice on what postures may not be suitable for you in a regular class, and which will be most therapeutic and supportive to you.

Yoga traditionally has been taught one on one. Join in this rich tradition with your very own class.

Private classes with Tamara Yoga Teachers are $140 per hour.

Private classes with Tamara Yoga Senior Teacher and Senior Physiotherapist, Zoe Turner, are $150 per hour.

Private classes with Tamara are $180 per hour.

Call us on 9385 2242 to make an appointment, or with any questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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