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MetaAnatomy ESSENTIALS Training with Kristin Leal

MetaAnatomy ESSENTIALS 25-hour Training

Fri 14 – Tues 18 June | 10:30am – 4:00pm | Claremont

Kristin Leal, author of MetaAnatomy: A Modern Yogi’s Practical Guide to the Physical and Energetic Anatomy of Your Amazing Body, is returning to Tamara Yoga! Kristin is an international yoga teacher and world-renowned anatomy and physiology expert. We received such beautiful feedback from her MetaAnatomy of the Nervous System training last year that we’re delighted to bring you this MetaAnatomy ESSENTIALS Training: An exploration of the major muscles, joint structures and energetic maps of the body.

Are you ready to dive deep into the⁠ ESSENTIALS that every Yoga teacher and student needs to know? Then this training is for you! It is NOT about memorising facts and figures, but rather learning a holistic approach to the magnificent body that will have an immediate effect on you and your students!⁠⁠

Throughout this training you will explore the detail and nuance of the major muscle and joint structures, equipping you with a high-level, in-depth understanding of the different regions of the body. This training is for Yoga teachers, practitioners and anyone who wants to learn more about the beauty and uniqueness of the human body, from both physical and energetic perspectives, to move in safe and embodied ways.

Each day we’ll explore a different region of the body through in-depth lecture, experiential exercises and workshopping, as well as a full and fulfilling practice implementing the concepts discussed. You’ll gain a greater understanding of your unique body as well as individual differences so you can tailor postures and practices to the needs of yourself and your students.

Things you can look forward to in this training:
  • An in-depth, holistic understanding of the essential regions of the body that every Yoga teacher and student needs to know to ensure they can practice in a safe, embodied way.
  • You’ll develop X-ray vision! Looking inside the body, we will explore immediately accessible techniques to discover what is bony compression (that ain’t moving) or muscular tension (eventually might be moveable).
  • Learn why no two bodies will ever experience the same yoga posture in the same way.
  • Review common injuries and ways to work with all bodies in a way that is meaningful and safe.
  • Refine your language and verbal cues to become a more thoughtful, accessible and skillful teacher.
  • Explore the Five Prana Vayus and experience a meditation dedicated to each Vayu to bring balance to your inner flow.
  • 5 therapeutic asana classes that weave together the physical structures and their energetic correlation using intelligent movement, breath and meditation.
  • Plus, Kristin will share with you the Asana practice that completely changed her life and teaching (true story!).
Join us for the whole five-day, 25-hour comprehensive (and fun!) course or drop in for individual days. We have flexible booking options to suit you. The entire training will be offered both in-person and online, so you get to choose when and how you attend! If you book for the whole 5 days, you’ll also receive a recording of the training.

Full Day: 10:30am – 4pm daily

Day 1 – 14th June: Knees

Day 2 – 15th June: Sacrum

Day 3 – 16th June: Low back

Day 4 – 17th June: Shoulder

Day 5 – 18th June: Reading the Energy Body


  • Full 5-day training: $1395
  • Individual days: $295
Continuing Professional Development Points with Yoga Australia:
Yoga teachers registered with Yoga Australia will be able to gain CPD points. The 25-hr training will earn you 25 CPD points.
Continuing Education Units with Yoga Alliance:
Yoga teachers registered with Yoga Alliance will be able to earn CEU. The 25-hr training will earn you 25 CEUs.