Yoga Retreats


Yallingup Retreat

Thursday 10th November – Sunday 13th November 2022 

This retreat gives time out from all the urgent demands on you, and the chance to dedicate yourself to rest, enjoyment and the chance to study yoga with Tamara. Join us for a beautiful and potentially life-changing experience.

If you’re looking for some time and space just for you, join us for this wonderful three night Retreat. Staying at the beautiful Premalaya in Yallingup, you’ll find the freedom to immerse in some wonderful Vinyasa yoga – exploring the asana in a deep yet easeful way. Give yourself the luxury of taking your time.

As well as Vinyasa, there’ll be sessions of nourishing Yin and Restorative yoga, along with incredibly restful Yoga Nidra.

By the end of this Retreat you’ll be overflowing with joy, vitality, peace and calm to take back with you into your daily life.

You’ll have time each day for fun activities, exploring the region and connecting with like-minded people, as well as plenty of time for rest and quiet reflection. It’s so wonderful to unplug from the many stresses of life and immerse in tranquility and peacefulness.

“I am under such pressure at work…I arrived in Margaret River bone weary, stressed, full of anxiety, teary, angry and miserable. It was such a warm welcome that everything started to fall away…and the whole experience of the retreat was life changing…in no time at all I felt like a new woman.. all the yoga people I have met at Tamara’s are so lovely, so warm so caring, so non judgmental..that alone is advertisement enough for the joy of yoga. Those qualities are infectious, everyone at the retreat had such a happy time, it was like we had known each other for years instead of, for most of us, being strangers before the retreat.”

Tamara Yoga Retreats are an injection of love and self-care into your life. We’d love you to join us.

One Day Retreat: How to Bring Ease into Living in Challenging Times

Spend the day with special guest Yogirajs Wendy Newton and Peter Ferko from New York as they share insight and practices to bring more clarity around the nature and goals of our modern life and our current experiences.

Dedicate a day to yourself, with yoga, enjoy delicious, healthy food and the restful, natural setting of our beautiful Bibra Lake Studio.

“Thank you so much for the One Day Retreat at Bibra Lake. Having previously experienced your week long retreat in Bali, I finally understood how important it is to take time out for myself. Even though it was just for the day, the benefits were felt deeply. It’s a self-loving choice to carve out time and be present for yourself. The energy and setting at the Bibra Lake studio was amazing; peaceful, calming and beautiful. I left feeling blissful!” ~ Diana

“It was lovely to escape into the bush garden of the Tamara Yoga Bibra Lake studio and even catch glimpses of the lake. The yoga was beautiful, the food super healthy and so delicious. I look forward to attending again soon. As a mother, I feel leaving the children for a week to go on retreat is too much for them and my husband, so a one day retreat is perfect for me.” ~ Gabriela

Kimberley Eco Retreat

Join Tamara in August 2023 and get off the grid and back-to-nature in one of Australia’s most wild and beautiful regions.

Referred to as Australia’s last frontier, the Kimberley is an ancient landscape covering hundreds of thousands of square kilometres and is one of the world’s most precious wilderness regions.

Set upon beautiful beaches with red sand cliffs and crystal-clear water, you’ll spend 5 nights at the breathtakingly beautiful Eco Beach Resort, located 130km south of Broome, with all your meals included so you can completely relax for an unbeatable escape!

Revert to the simple life in this remote and picturesque wilderness setting that’ll allow you to escape winter and take time out to nurture and enliven yourself.

Imagine waking up in your very own safari tent or villa set amid this vast and ancient landscape, before strolling to meet for meditation on the pristine and untouched beach. You’ll then practice yoga in our stunning, wood-floored studio with views out to the red cliffs set against the Indian Ocean. Picture eating delicious food, all catered for, with great like-minded people after your blissful extended yoga practice. After all that, maybe you’ll opt to join a humpback whale-watching excursion, stroll the shoreline to spot the migratory birds that swing by, laze in a hammock, or choose from one of the plenty of other Outback adventures up for grabs.

Coming on retreat with Tamara, you’ll feel as if it was designed just for you! Tamara’s love of yoga and enthusiasm for teaching is infectious; she’ll have you leaving retreat feeling inspired, enlightened and fully rested.

Taking time out to nurture yourself is something we all need and what a more beautiful, peaceful and deeply spiritual place to do it! Book in today!



Soul Medication

A yoga retreat is a very special yogic experience that we love sharing with you. Seeing faces change, as the tension melts aways and a deep level of peace, ease and spontaneous joy arise.

We have yoga retreats in Perth, at our Bibra Lake studio, and also hold our yoga retreats in Yallingup and Eco-Beach Kimberleys. A Tamara Yoga retreat is an amazing experience.