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Yoga for Anxiety Relief Online

Yoga can bring you comfort and peace. This online course will give you tools to calm anxiety. It’s so important to learn healthy ways to self-soothe.  If you’ve had panic attacks before, the fear of it happening again can be as debilitating as an attack itself. Ongoing anxiety is exhausting. Yoga will help you feel so much better.  But not all yoga postures are helpful to you if you’re feeling anxious.

This online course will show you exactly which yoga practices will make a huge positive difference to you. You’ll discover specifically what you can do at home helping you maintain a calm, relaxed and steady state for yourself.

Our Online Anxiety Relief Course fee is $86 which includes all 5 sessions of the course plus our gift of a live Tamara Yoga Online class.

What You’ll Receive : Amazing Value

  • You’ll receive all 5 classes of the course which allows you to practice whenever, wherever you like. You’ll have life-time access, so you can watch the videos and practice over and over again.
  • Each video is approx 30 minutes.