Online Anxiety Relief Course

Online Anxiety Relief Course


Yoga can bring you comfort and peace. We can help give you tools to calm anxiety.

Our online anxiety relief yoga course is designed to support you so you can learn healthy ways to self-soothe.


With our online anxiety relief yoga course you’ll receive all 4 classes which allows you to practice whenever, wherever and as many times as you like.

Ongoing anxiety is exhausting. Yoga can help you feel so much better.   But not all yoga postures are helpful to you if you’re feeling anxious.

That’s why we created this anxiety relief yoga course.  It’ll show you exactly which yoga practices will make a huge positive difference to you. You’ll discover specifically what you can do to help maintain a calm, relaxed and steady state for yourself.

It’s designed so you can do it again and again. We’ve made the sessions short enough so you can regularly squeeze them in to your day.

Upon purchase you will receive a separate email with a link to your course.

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