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Lower Back & Hips Workshop

Margaret | Claremont | Sat 22 July | 11am – 1pm

Is lower back pain really getting you down? So many of us suffer tightness and stiffness in the lower back that can leave us feeling sore and uncomfortable. For many, the limitation in movement that lower back pain causes can be debilitating.

This special 2-hour workshop will focus on massaging the often tense muscles in our hips and along the spine. Using tennis balls and soft Gertie balls to create greater space, freedom and movement with more ease in the hip joints and the articulation of the spine.

The gentle pressure we place on our body naturally take us inwards, leading to deep states of healing rest and relaxation.

This practice is suitable for anyone, even total beginners. If your movement is limited, this will help you in the most gentle of ways.

Fee: $50 (Unlimited Members: $45)