Neck and Shoulder Workshop

Saturday 3rd October | Margaret |11:00am – 1:00pm | Claremont

Saturday 10th October | Margaret |11:00am – 1:00pm | Bibra Lake

Sore Neck? Trouble with your shoulders? Headaches? Occasionally feel tension in your neck & shoulders? That is all of us right. 

Or perhaps you just want to know how to take good care of yourself and know releasing and massaging fascia is so helpful to you. 

Come along to our Neck and Shoulder fascial release workshop focused completely on giving a lot of love to the upper body. 

We will spend a couple of hours smoothing out the neck and its muscles, create some release in shoulder joint, especially in the rotator cuff fascia, open up through the upper back which will allow more freedom into your shoulders and neck. 

This workshop will be very gentle and mindful. You will learn to apply these techniques in a way that is appropriate for you. We will create an environment of deep relaxation that will assist you in letting go of tension and tightness.

Fee: $50.00*

*Members receive 10% off!

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