Saturday 18th April | Margaret |11:00am – 1:00pm| TY ONLINE

Join Margaret (Yoga teacher & Naturopath) for an important workshop on supporting your Immune System. Having a hardy immune system has never been more important as we transition from summer to autumn, navigate the looming possibility of the coronavirus, prepare ourselves for winter, which is cold and flu season for many of us.

In these 2 hours Margaret will spend time chatting to you about many simple ways that you can support your immune system so that you are able have high resilience to the various bugs that do the rounds, as well as suggest ways if you do get sick, to maintain a strong immune system to minimise the time you are unwell and reduce the severity of symptoms, improve your energy and vitality as a by product of focusing on your immune health.

Then you will immerse in a easy yoga practice demonstrating how your time on the mat can support a healthy immune system, what you can practice if you are unwell, pranayama, mantra and yoga nidra to improve your vitality and well being.

Fee: $45.00*

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