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WOMENS HEALTH WORKSHOP | Bibra Lake | Dr Talia | Sat 9 Mar | 1pm – 3pm

Our bodies are always communicating with us. Although, sometimes, we don’t know how to listen.
Have you ever had any of the following symptoms and just couldn’t get to the bottom of it:
PCOS, Ovarian cysts, Fibroids, Endometriosis or PMS/ menstrual issues?
This workshop will teach you how to tune in and listen to the wisdom of your body, specifically in the area of women’s health. It will illuminate the ways in which symptoms are flags for deeper healing and how, in order to truly heal, we need to look beyond the level of the physical.
Dr Talia trained in General Practice and Psychiatry before being propelled on a journey that led her to explore beyond the realm of the physical, into the role of the mind and spirit in the circumstances we face.
Her holistic approach considers the interplay of all facets of our being: Body, Mind and Soul. To look at ill-health as purely a symptom or illness is to miss the deeper messages our bodies are calling us to face. Ultimately the path to healing is the path to self-understanding.
This workshop will include group discussion, meditations and yoga for uncovering the hidden messages of symptoms showing up in your body and mind. Please bring a journal and pen for reflective journalling and wear comfortable clothes to move in.


$50 (Unlimited Members: $45)