Living More Alive workshop

Tamara & Murray Graham | Saturday 15th May | 11am – 1pm | Claremont

We all know that yoga is so much more than a physical practice. If the spiritual aspect of yoga is something that your mind and soul yearns to discover more about, join Tamara and her father Murray Graham, founder and Director of the Inigo Centre for Spirituality and Relationships for over 25 years, for this special two-hour workshop on ways you can take your practice off the mat and apply practical spirituality to your home and workplace.

Combining a mixture of Tamara’s extensive knowledge of yoga philosophy and yogic practices, with Murray’s professional experience as a 1-1 spiritual counsellor and group faith development leader, they’ll offer practical ways of: 

  • Dealing with resentment
  • More responding less reacting
  • ‘Carefronting’ not confronting
  • Less rush-rush
  • More Deep Life

We all have a deep desire within us to connect with the divine dimension in our body, mind and soul. For anyone wanting to further their spiritual development, then this workshop is not to be missed!

Bookings are essential and remember, our Unlimited Members get 10% off!

Lower Back and Hips workshop

Margaret | Sunday 13th June | 1pm – 3pm | Bibra Lake

Is lower back pain really getting you down? So many of us suffer from lower back tightness and stiffness that can leave us feeling sore, uncomfortable, irritable, depressed and limited in our movement. 

This special 2-hour workshop will focus on massaging the often tense muscles in our hips and along the spine. Using tennis balls and soft, Gertie balls to create greater space, freedom and movement with more ease in the hip joints and the articulation of our spine.

 The gentle pressure we place on our body naturally take us inwards, leading to deep states of healing rest and relaxation. This practice is suitable for anyone, even total beginners. If your movement is limited this will help you in the most gentle of ways.

Yin workshop

Rochelle | Saturday 8th May | 1pm – 3pm | Bibra Lake

In this special two-hour Yin Workshop you will calm your body and nurture your nervous system, to start to turn your attention inward, helping to restore your equanimity.

A gentle, calming Yin practice with long held postures to open up energy channels of the body and mind, will restore your natural balance and optimum health. Enabling you to live your life to the fullest and connect to your joyful heart. 

Releasing deeply into the connective tissue enhances the flow of prana in the tissues around the joints. Flexibility in the joints and connective tissue gives you a feeling of ease and lightness. 

Join Rochelle at our beautiful Bibra Lake studio for this transformative and luxurious opportunity to help you move with ease! Follow the link below to book now, Unlimited Members receive 10% off.

Yin + Soundbath workshop

Pennie | Saturday 31st July | 11am – 1pm | Bibra Lake

This workshop will be a tonic for your over-worked nervous system. De-stress and re-energize with deep and slow yin yoga postures, freeing up any blocked energy so you can experience a sense of greater freedom and well-being.

You will then be led into a state of deep relaxation where you will immerse in the healing power of sound. The vibrational resonance of pure crystal bowls resonates with the vibrations of your own body, bringing you back ‘in tune’ with your natural state of balance and connection to Self.

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