Savasana Workshop

Margaret | Friday 6th August | 6.30pm – 8.30pm | Claremont

Savasana – often thought of as the easiest pose, but also considered one of the hardest to practise properly. Come learn join Margaret for this special two hour workshop where you’ll learn to master this pose and experience a beautiful state of deep rest.

You will move through a gentle wind-down flow, followed by supportive Yin and Restorative poses to facilitate releasing tension and finding greater harmony in our body and minds.

Pranayama will guide you into falling into a deep state of ease, recalibration and space where the state of Savasana comes very naturally

Finding a true state of Savasana takes time – the physical practise leads us into the last pose – we need more than a few quick minutes for this state that finds us when our body is calm, our mind is quiet and our heart at ease

Savasana is the most important pose of all – come and immerse yourself in this luxurious experience.

Spine Fascial Release Workshop

Margaret | Saturday 28th August | 11am – 1pm | Claremont

This workshop will be a total treat for your incredible spine! 

Our spine is literally the axis upon which we turn, it holds us up, it facilitates the flow of information from our body to brain and back, it connects us between the earth and the heavens, and is the subtle pathway of all our major energetic lines.

In this Workshop you will learn how to support your spine both in creating good range of motion but also in establishing steady strength. You will be taught wonderful fascial release techniques to release tension and contraction, to create more skilful, efficient function between the vertebrate and the fascial tissues that helps the spine to function properly

When we roll out the spine not only do we create this deep improvement in the function of the spine, we reduce pain, clear tension and slide gradually into a state of deep contentment and ease.

All are welcome, no Yoga experience required! 

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