Soundbath Classes

In our Soundbath classes taught by beautiful Pennie, you’ll be guided into a state of ease and deep relaxation through yoga nidra, while immersing in the harmonic sounds of crystal bowls.

Immersing in the gentle vibrations of pure sound, brings a feeling of safety and profound relaxation, activating your innate self-healing process and freeing up creative energy.

Friday | 12pm | Pennie | Claremont

Last Sunday of the Month | 4pm | Pennie | Claremont

Full Moon Soundbath

Next date: TBC

Join us for an evening to celebrate and reflect on the mysterious and powerful energy of the full moon, which has inspired countless stories, myths and legends throughout the ages. Allow her gentle light to illuminate the subconscious, hidden aspects of yourself, release tension from your overloaded mind and body, and gain access to your personal power and creativity.

Let Pennie take you on a journey into relaxation through pranayama, restorative poses, yoga nidra and the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, singing bowls, chimes, ocean drum and gong.

No yoga experience is needed to benefit from this experience!

One-On-One Sound Massage Treatments

For those looking to go deeper into this practice, Pennie also offers individual private sound massage sessions. This is a deeply relaxing experience where you’re required to do nothing but absorb the healing vibrations of pure sound, melting away tension and taking you effortlessly back home to your natural state of ‘ananda’, or bliss. You’ll feel grounded, balanced and restored.

There’s a current flourishing of research into the ancient art of sound healing, and it’s rapidly developing into a new and respected science. The soothing vibration of gentle, pure sound has been clinically proven to support people suffering from stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

No touch involved, just the placing of therapeutic bowls (developed by Peter Hess Academy) on and around the body. Clients report feeling like they are ‘floating’,  just ‘incredibly peaceful’,  a ‘deep sense of Oneness with Being’, and ‘I just feel as though everything is actually ok as it is, including me.’

To book your session contact the studio on 9385 2242 or email us:  Fee: $90


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