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For thousands of years the way yoga was traditionally taught was that students would sit at the feet of their teacher and allow themselves to be immersed in these ancient teachings, just letting the wisdom wash over them and slowly be absorbed.  Certainly, this is how I studied under my teacher Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger in New York. I spent countless hours at his classes, in his lectures and off the mat with him, letting myself be a sponge and allowing the teachings to weave their way into my life.

When I left New York, my time in Al’s classes were replaced with long distance phone calls, his lectures became email correspondence between us, and our chats over chai lattes became texts – a far cry from the way ancient yogis studied! Whilst the nature of our teacher/student bond had changed, ultimately the role Al played did not.  His role as my teacher has always been the same: to remind me to connect back to my deep intention.

This has been a powerful lesson for me both as a student of yoga and also a teacher of yoga; the ultimate purpose of a yoga teacher is in supporting their students to maintain a daily connection to their true essence and deep intention and purpose. Whether that be through attending class, privates, marma sessions, reading books from our teachers or spending time with them on retreat.

I would love to be able to see all of you every day at class, but I know for various reasons that sometimes that can’t happen: whether we’re separated by vast distances, or your physical body prevents you from coming, or life simply takes over! But our yogic practice never has to stop, that’s why I’ve created my talks – How to Have a Super Wonderful Day! – so that no matter where you are, you can tune in and get your daily dose of inspiration!  To have that reminder that draws you back to your true essence, I am here for you dear one, always cheering you on!

A Yoga Nidra for healing rest with Sally (18 mins)

Yoga Nidra for the whole family with Sally (19 mins)

How to stop blaming, complaining and making excuses (7 mins)

Yoga Nidra for Sleep with Sally Washer (18 mins)

A Simple Yoga Nidra enabling a little rest (21 mins)

What’s the point of all this, and why we need to practice (17 mins)

Knowing your big rocks helps you live on purpose (16 mins)

Enjoy synchronicity and inspiration every day. Connect to the electromagnetic energy of the universe (14 mins)

You can tap into all potential (17 mins)

Energy of love (18 mins)

Yoga Nidra for Sleep with Sally Washer (26 mins)

Resilience + Fragility (8 mins)

Why you need to practice drawing your senses inwards (14 mins)

You are the hero of your own story (22 mins)

Yoga Nidra for Nourishment (27 mins)

What yoga is all about. And a technique to help you access it (24 mins)

Intention (11 mins)

Chakra Balancing (12 mins)


Do you ever feel like you’re in a maze (9 mins)

Life’s happening for you, not to you (22 mins)

Now (12 mins)

Relaxing Yoga Nidra with beautiful Sally Washer (30 mins)

The absence of knowledge is not the same as knowledge of absence (10 mins)

Rainbow morning – reminder of your subtle body (10 mins)

Kinship (11 mins) 


Guided Meditation (16 mins)

Transformation IS possible (47 mins)

Your intention matters more than maybe you realise (7 mins)

Chakras (Full Class)

Transitions are very hard and you are doing so great (46 mins)

Good Friday (8 mins)


Love yourself back to wholeness: Restorative Yoga (45 mins)

Yin + Meditation (Full Class)

With these 2 factors you can elicit the relaxation response in yourself (14 mins)

Harmonizing Whole Class (Full Class)

If you’ve felt anxious about doing something new, you’re not alone! (16 mins)

Priming for joy beyond fear, clearing to be energized with Sat Yam (19 mins)


Satchitananda. The truth of your being is bliss. Chakra Meditation (16 mins)

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama. Ways to transform your consciousness through intention (16 mins)

Lay down your burdens. Surrender to Mother Earth (31 mins)

When yoga’s your home, solutions appear (14 mins)

Immerse in possibility. Hari Om Tat Sat (17 mins)

“Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to life. It is a waste to be asking the question when you are the answer” (12 mins)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed because of the bushfires this may help you (19 mins)

New Year New You. Meditate on what really matters to you (37 mins)

Sa Hum. Feel more vibrant + alive (20 mins)

Your precious breath is your gateway to experience life fully now (19 mins)

We are one (18 mins)

Love is the great unifying force (26 mins)

When you need a chill pill (20 mins)

End of a decade (19 mins)

If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family (15 mins)

My first class back (Full Class)

Discover the keys that overcome obstacles and learn more about Mantra while feeling like you’re in Retreat with us! (47 mins)

You’re more than you think you are (19 mins)

Guided CHAKRA Meditation morning practice (1 hour)

Adolescence is not an illness. It’s a time of great growth & transformation for both you and the teenager. Discussion from Retreat. (Get ready for the vibrant background sounds of the rice paddies) (32 mins)

My answer to the question about can Yoga help you see the future. Talking about Siddhis, Yogananda on Retreat complete with the sounds of the rice paddies (13 mins)

Embodying Om (26 mins)

Evolve beyond your ‘primitive brain (23 mins)

Unless we recognize the impulse towards violence we won’t practice peace. This will help. We all need help (19 mins)

You can do something about this modern epidemic. First half of Sleep Workshop

It’s important to ask yourself empowering questions (19 mins)

I witnessed September 11 + the power of Yoga (21 mins)

Change is inevitable and resistance is futile (17 mins)

You think you have a limit? (9 mins)

Your deepest self gives you resilience and creativity (24 mins)

Sa Hum: Calm your mind and focus your energy (22 mins)

Find True Freedom (Whole flow class)

Integrity (17 mins)

Your happiness is never outside of you (13 mins)

Why it’s important to tend within (13 mins)

Beginning again and why it empowers you (11 mins)

OM is the name of the universe (18 mins)

Magic of Mantra 108 Oms (whole 2 hour workshop)


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