Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga helps you to increase flexibility and completely relax.  So much of our lives are hectic and rushed. This imbalance causes stress mentally, and tension physically. Tightness that literally leads to injuries. Our range of motion gets limited by doing the same kinds of actions each day. It’s like shrink wrapping your joints. Forced retirement for athletes tends not to be due to muscle problems but to joint issues. These are the same problems that cause elderly people to shuffle around as they lose range of movement in the joints.

Yin yoga is the antidote. We need it. Yin yoga focuses particularly on the connective tissue around the joints to enhance your natural range of motion. This restorative practice is passive in nature, allowing you to sit in a variety of poses for a longer length of time (typically, 3-5 minutes) to reach the deeper layers of fascia.

You’ll learn how to relax the muscles so that connective tissue concentrated in the joints stretches safely and you can experience a deep sense of ease and peace. Inviting stillness has the profound effect of helping you release, untying knots of tension and stress.

Yin Yoga schedule:


Monday | 5:45pm | Pennie

Wednesday | 10.45am | Tamara

Friday | 10.45am | Tamara

Sunday | 4.00pm | Renae

Bibra Lake

Tuesday | 9.15am | Rochelle

Thursday | 9.15am | Rochelle

Sunday | 4.00pm | Rochelle


Wednesday | 10.45am | Tamara

Sunday | 4.00pm | Renae

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