Eco Tan Exfoliating Glove

Eco Tan Exfoliating Glove


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Tan Remover Glove is an exfoliating mitt and absolute essential in your tanning regime.

Eco Tan’s exfoliating body mitt can be used as a dry body buff, with body scrubs such as Eco Tan’s Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub or one of their body washes to reveal your smoothest skin yet. Eco Tan’s Tan Remover Glove is also the perfect fake tan remover and can be used to exfoliate ingrown hairs, flaky dry skin and rough, uneven skin.

Eco Tan’s exfoliating glove is not only eco-friendly, it is also re-usable! Just hang it up in your bathroom and allow it to dry before using it again the next time you want to buff your skin, apply or remove your tan.

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