Mandala Reviver Eye Pillow

Mandala Reviver Eye Pillow


Mandala’s handmade luxury Reviver Eye Pillows are filled with essential oils, dried lavender and flaxseed. They provide gentle pressure and relaxing aromatherapy oils to calm your mind.

Can be used at bedtime, travelling, to relax your face, in yoga, to help relieve headache or when you simply need a quiet, internal moment. Just breathe in the oils and let go of the stress. Flaxseeds are naturally cooling and gently form to your face. Use to nurture yourself whenever you need to slow down and take some time for yourself.

Dimensions: 240mm x 120mm


  • Silk/hemp – Ebony
  • Cotton – Ebony Stripe, Natural Feather
  • Hemp – Dune, Coal


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