E X P E R I E N C E   B E I N G   M O R E  T H A N  Y O U R  M I N D.

‘Meditation is the gateway to inspiration, intuition, insight, well-being, and regeneration. It is effortlessly concentrating on one point for an extended amount of time. To perceive meditation we need to understand the relationship between Mind & Spirit. Spirit is experienced when our consciousness is not fragmented by mind.” __Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger

Much of the time, we’re in our minds, perceiving the world through our perceptions that have been conditioned by life. We experience life through the veil of Maya – illusion. We’ve all had experiences in life where we’ve suddenly realized what we thought was real, wasn’t. We recognize we’ve been deluded. We realise we’d been seeing things as we are, not as they are.

During meditation we break free of that. We are literally freed.

First we withdraw out senses. Pratyhara.  So we’re not distracted. Sometimes when we close our eyes, even though they’re closed, there’s still tension. So, just relax your eyes completely. Like you’re letting them rest back in your head. Relax between your eyebrows, like you’re smoothing your whole forehead. Relax your eyes as if from behind your eyes.

You might hear sounds around you at first, but just realise you don’t have to let your mind travel off with the sound. Simply let the sounds come and go without you being taken by any one sound. Feel as though you can relax your ears as though they’re unfurling.

Tamara teaches this class online on Thursday at 9:30am

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