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Our number of retreats offer an opportunity to develop your practice further while taking well-deserved time away from your everyday life and responsibilities. Connect with your innermost self and simultaneously experience a sense of community support. Our retreats allow deep immersion into your yoga practice, surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes Western Australia has to offer.

Devote yourself to rest, peace and spontaneous joy. The completely immersive experience, led by Tamara herself, inspires a more profound, distraction-free practice. There’s a depth of experience that occurs due to the sustained practice over the days of the retreat. The yogic practices of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), kriyas and meditation work intrinsically.

Limited places mean you are guaranteed personalised attention, but you will need to book early to ensure a spot. Yoga beginners, new students, and experienced yogis are welcome.


Thursday 17th March – Sunday 20th March 2022

Our yoga space in the Southwest overlooks tranquil nature reserves and is just minutes away from the stunning Margaret River beaches and nearby Karri forests. Get lost in the serenity during your yoga practice and begin your mornings waking to the relaxing sounds of nature. Meet other members of our Yallingup Retreat daily for meditation practices, followed by exhilarating yoga classes with your yoga teacher. Though this retreat primarily focuses on our Vinyasa flow series, there will also be nourishing Yin yoga and Restorative Yoga, along with incredibly restful Yoga Nidra.

Kimberley Eco Retreat

Join Tamara this August & September for five nights at the breathtakingly beautiful Eco Beach Resort, located 130km south of Broome. With meals and accommodation included in the package, your focus can rest solely on your yoga practice. Set in one of Western Australia’s most wild and picturesque regions, allow our expert teachers to guide you through various yoga classes, meditations, and reflections, free of outside distractions.

A yoga retreat is a very special yogic experience that we are grateful to be able to share with our students. We love teaching yoga retreats where we get to see our student’s faces change, as they feel a deep level of peace, ease and spontaneous joy arise.

A Tamara Yoga retreat is an amazing experience. It almost sounds too good to be true. Not only do we offer our yoga retreats in Perth, but we also hold our yoga retreats across a range of different locations, including Margaret River, Bali and India.

Why are yoga retreats good for you?

Take 3 days for a long weekend yoga retreat in Margaret River, a 7 or 10 day yoga retreat in India or a week-long yoga retreat in Bali and feel even better afterwards than if you’d had a long holiday. This happens because of several intertwined factors.

The complete immersion in yoga means that you are able to focus, without distraction, on deeper yoga practices. It’s time for yourself, time to recharge. This is something that we all need. Many of us are too busy with lives that are packed full of urgent demands and long to-do lists, working to pressing deadlines. Often, we can feel as though we’re on automatic, responding to the next urgent thing, rather than working on what’s most important.

Sometimes even going on holiday doesn’t leave us feeling refreshed. Whether it’s because we’ve over-indulged, have not had a real rest, have had to attend to other’s needs at the expense of our own, or because we’re too wound up to relax properly even while on holiday.

Why should I attend a yoga retreat rather than just regular classes?

When we’re at home, we may have the best of intentions, we’ve all heard of work/life balance, we plan to practice yoga every day, but instead, sometimes we feel as though we’re drowning under incessant stresses and don’t get to class.

A yoga retreat is the antidote. It’s as if retreats help us to ‘re-wire’ to our best self. The ancient yogis knew how to fold time and space and miraculously this is possible for even we modern day yogis. Many of us have experienced major breakthroughs and greater peacefulness from yoga class. So often students say, “I was really bothered before I came to yoga…I’ve had so much pressure at work but now I feel so much better…” or “I feel like myself again!“ .

The fantastic part of going on a yoga retreat is that these benefits are exponential. It’s not just that we feel as good as after one yoga class, there’s a depth of experience that occurs due to the sustained practice over the days of the retreat. The yogic practices of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), kriyas and meditation work at such a deep level that we literally feel cleansed and are renewed.

Why should I attend a Tamara Yoga retreat?

We’ve been teaching yoga retreats for years and the wonderful people that attend always impress us. One of the benefits of yoga is that it attracts people from all walks of life, creating a community of like-minded individuals. It’s called sangha in Sanskrit.

Some of the feedback we have received from those who have attended one of our yoga retreats include:

“As well as a deeper understanding of yoga postures, I loved the chance to bond with and get to know other members of the yoga community with the luxury of time…”

“We bonded so well as a group.”

“An added bonus is sharing the time with beautiful like-minded people from all different walks of life…”.

Having highly qualified and experienced teachers who truly live yoga enables the transformation. All of the Tamara Yoga teachers that lead the yoga retreats have been yoga devotees for decades; this experience means that they are able to transmit authentic yoga to you. It also means that they too are students just like you, so they are understanding and can relate to what you need and what you want to get from your yoga practice – whatever stage you’re at. They have all undertaken more than two years of yoga teacher training and are the best of the best.

Why did the Tamara Yoga team choose these retreat locations?

Yoga retreats actually help our brains to be healthier. Recent research in neuroscience has shown that our brains love novelty and challenge. Exactly what yoga retreats provide. You are literally assisting your brain in feeling happier!

In Margaret River, our yoga space looks into tranquil and quiet nature reserves and we’re just minutes away from the stunning Margaret River beaches and nearby Karri forests.

In Ubud Bali, our massive outdoor yoga shala is surrounded by verdant paddy fields with views to distant volcanoes.

In Sweden, we stay at one of the best spa hotels in Europe, with a stunning view across the picturesque seaside town of Varberg.

In India, we stay in Rajasthan, in an incomparably romantic desert fortress, which is perched atop a hill surrounded by miles of soft, gleaming sand

Extensive research indicates spending time in nature leads to faster recovery from stress, decreases mental fatigue, restores mental clarity and increases sense of wellbeing, improves physical health and healing, and even improves performance. That’s why we’ve picked each of those locations for our yoga retreats.

Imagine waking to the sounds of nature, strolling through a beautiful garden to meet for meditation practice and an exhilarating yoga class with your yoga teacher. A teacher you know is of the highest caliber, that you know is highly trained and one you trust to take you deeper in your practice. After your blissful, extended yoga class, you join great people to eat delicious, healthy food prepared for you. Afterwards you might have a massage or read a book, go and explore the beautiful surroundings nearby, have fun with your newly-found friends or maybe you’ll just have a rest. Imagine being able to have the luxury of time. Your free time is just that – free and there is nothing that you ‘have’ to do.

Your afternoon yoga practice supports you in integrating the wisdom of a great lineage of teachers into your experience both on and off the mat, and you leave class feeling more inspired, lighter, and more open to possibilities in life.

And you get to do this day after day. By the end of the retreat you feel clear, refreshed and happier.

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Tamara Yoga Retreats are an injection of wellbeing. We’d love for you to join us on our next yoga retreat.

We carefully keep our retreat numbers small so that you can receive individualised instruction. Limited places means that you are guaranteed personalised attention but you will need to book early.

For more information regarding our yoga retreats, contact us or call us directly on 08 9385 2242 or email us at info@tamarayoga. One of our friendly staff members will be more than happy to help. If you would like to book into one of our yoga retreats, click on the ‘make a booking’ button below

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