Naomi Thelan

Naomi went to her first yoga class when pregnant, which started a lifelong interest in yoga. When her young son was diagnosed with cancer, their lives were turned upside-down in an instant, and started a new life full of chemo, hospital visits and fear. During this difficult period, Naomi discovered Tamara Yoga. She says: “When I started going to the Bibra Lake studio, it was like discovering this oasis of peacefulness. I found Margaret’s classes to be a form of therapy for me, where I could temporarily find some centeredness and control. It really helped me cope”.  After almost 4 years of chemo, her son went into remission and started his recovery. Naomi found the strength to make a life change, and that same month, resigned from her lucrative job at an oil and gas company, started her own small environmental consultancy, and enrolled in yoga teacher training with Tamara.  She’s inspired to help others discover self-awareness and the healing power of yoga, for the body and the mind.

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