Kristine Gillmore

Kristine’s yoga journey started with attending pre-natal classes before the birth of the first of her two daughters, now teenagers. Having lived in several cities and attended many classes since then, coming onto her yoga mat is like coming home each time. It is her place to connect to her inner spirit, to replenish, to come back to centre when the ups and downs of life try to knock you off balance.

Kristine undertook teacher training with Tamara to delve deeper with her practise for greater understanding of why and how yoga physiologically, emotionally and spiritually can always make you feel better.

Her classes offer a dynamic flow allowing one to build strength, flexibility and mindful connection of breath to movement as well as space to find ease, self-love and compassion for oneself.

Kristine previously worked as an architect and has a great appreciation for how a beautifully crafted space can have an impact of those who gather within it. Now her aim is help each student tend to their inner personal sanctuary via their yoga practise so they leave each class feeling embraced, empowered and recharged.

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