Chloe Thornton-Hick

A yoga student herself, for over twenty years, Chloe knows from personal experience just how beneficial a regular yoga practice can be – especially when going through or recovering from significant life challenges. As well as a Tamara Yoga trained teacher, Chloe is a Clinical Psychologist with over a decade of experience working across public, private and not-for profit mental health settings.
Chloe’s constantly inspired by the ways in which ancient yogic philosophy and modern psychology meet. Chloe is passionate and dedicated to teaching yoga as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of emotional and mood dys-regulation issues, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, trauma, stress and/or adjusting to major life changes. Chloe draws upon her experience as a clinical psychologist in her yoga teaching and teaches the Tamara Yoga Trauma Informed course.
Chloe is a compassionate and insightful teacher who’s primary aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to feel comfortable to explore and experience breath and body, movement and mind, stillness and sensation. Chloe’s committed to helping you to develop insight and awareness and a range of invaluable skills yoga has to offer in regulating the nervous system, calming the mind and building resilience.
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