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Peter Ferko Yogic Immersion

Join ISHTA Yogiraj Peter Ferko for this five day yogic immersion, involving training, workshops and a One Day Retreat. Open to teachers, trainees and yoga students alike.

Book in for the full immersion, either in person or online, for the discounted rates below, or book individual sessions:
Full five day immersion: $995 (normally $1200)
Online immersion & recording: $850 (normally $950, includes the two day training and both masterclasses, you’ll be able to join live via Zoom and receive a recording of the session afterwards)

2-Day training: Yoga – Union of Philosophy and Practice

Friday 25th – Saturday 26th November | 10.30am – 4.30pm | Claremont & Live Online

Practice without Philosophy is exercise. Philosophy without practice is theory. In this training Peter will guide you through an exploration of uniting theory and practice in your sadhana.
The yoga writings are a yogi’s description of how to, and what comes from, practice. When we read them only as theory, they become like a map on the wall of a place unexplored. Practice makes the philosophy real and brings it to life. Through practice, we gain understanding of the philosophy as a lived experience. The philosophy then helps frame and guide our exploration of life.
This training will include lecture, practice, and discussion of: The 8 Limbs of Yoga; the Yamas and Niyamas as Practice; using the Chakras and Vayus in our sadhana: and, manifestation and the ways we can ride the forces of Nature as we evolve toward Kaivalya (The freedom of living every moment from the Now).

Fee: $750

One Day Retreat: How to Bring Ease into Living in Challenging Times

Sunday 27th November | 9am – 3pm | Bibra Lake

Spend the day with Yogiraj Peter Ferko as he shares insight and practices to bring more clarity around the nature and goals of our modern life and our current experiences.

Through discussion, meditation, and asana practices, learn to

  • Use your body as a way to move toward the Now
  • Practice asana as a felt experience rather than an attainment of form
  • Understand life as meeting the moment rather than wishing it were different

Peter uses his decades of experience in training yogis and writing about yoga to bring this ancient practice down to earth and make it relevant to contemporary life.

Fee: $250


Monday 28th November | 1 – 3pm | Claremont & Live Online

Tuesday 29th November | 1 – 3pm | Claremont & Live Online

These two special masterclasses are designed to integrate the yoga philosophies with practice. Each of the classes will include

  • Dharma Talk clarifying how and why we use yoga practice to gain new perspective on life
  • Asana practice to ground the philosophies of yoga in the body
  • Kriya to shift the underlying forces of your feelings and experience
  • Meditation to tap your innate brilliance and direct it back into your life.

Fee: $100