Yin yoga helps you to increase flexibility, completely relax and feel young and free. Yin yoga focuses particularly on the connective tissue around the joint to enhance the natural range of motion in the joints. This restorative practice is passive in nature, allowing you to sit in a variety of poses for a longer length of time (typically, 3-5 minutes) to reach the deeper layers of fascia.

Releasing deeply into the connective tissue enhances the flow of prana, the life force, in the tissues around the joints. Consider that forced retirement for athletes tends not to be due to muscle problems but to joint issues. These are the same problems that cause elderly people to shuffle around as they lose their range of movement in the joints.

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Flexibility in the joints and connective tissue gives you a feeling of ease and lightness.

Wednesday |  11:00am |  Pennie | Yin | TY ONLINE

Wednesday |  6:45pm |  Jess W | Yin | TY Claremont

Thursday |  9:30am |  Tamara | Yin + Meditation | TY ONLINE

Thursday |  9:15am | Rochelle | Yin | TY Bibra Lake

Friday |  10:45am |  Pennie | Yin | TY Claremont

Sunday |  4:00pm |  Megan | Yin | TY ONLINE

Sunday |  4:00pm |  Rochelle | Yin | TY Bibra Lake

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