Sally Washer

Sally’s classes are a chance to immerse in a truly beautiful transcendent experience. You’ll leave feeling nurtured, present, calm, deeply relaxed and peaceful. Sally suffered trauma as a child which led to an eating disorder and eventually Chronic Fatigue. Her diagnosis meant she found running her business, caring for her family and socialising far more challenging. Caught up in problems and health issues she stumbled on Tamara Yoga and the ISHTA lineage which she loved for its focus on personalising your practice for your own needs. Sally remembers attending the Restorative Yoga Class at Tamara Yoga that day and she says this was the first time she’d ever learnt how to relax, release and let go so she could heal. This newfound feeling turned into a yearning to help others learn how to fall in love with life again. Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation are Sally’s passions. Through visualisation, breathing and supported poses Sally teaches students how to be gentle so they can find the peace in life. ‘You are released; you gain freedom. And with that kind of freedom, with that kind of release, healing becomes possible. Life becomes possible. Joy becomes possible.’ – Thich Nhat Hanh. Sally teaches covers and does the yoga nidras on our Tamara’s Talks page.

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