Ari Platell

Having practised yoga informally since her teens, Ari was introduced to Tamara Yoga in 2016 after moving back home to Perth following 8 years living, working and studying in London. She was profoundly affected by Tamara’s teachings and subsequently completed her Tamara Yoga teacher training in 2018.

Ari’s teaching philosophy is based upon the concept that yoga helps teach us how to navigate and fully participate in and show up in life as our true selves.

She believes that the practice of yoga helps us learn how to give the unique gifts each of us are born with, how to learn the unique lessons life throws each of us, and how to withstand the unique challenges we each encounter – that yoga allows us to be more ourselves, our true selves.

Ari has a First-Class Honours Degree in Philosophy from the University of London, and loves to weave yoga philosophy throughout her thoughtful and mindful classes.

Ari also oversees and runs our Tamara Yoga teacher training, retreats and day-to-day business management of the studios. Ari cherishes the guidance Tamara has provided her and is so happy to be able to learn from and work for her. Tamara’s depth of knowledge and compassion for her students is a great source of inspiration for Ari.

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