Annabelle Taylor

Meet Annabelle, a passionate and dedicated yogi who embodies the essence of yogic wisdom. With a strong inclination towards the skills that yoga teaches, she believes in the power of interception, embodiment, and the harmonious blend of science and traditional teachings.

As a mental health Occupational Therapist, Annabelle draws upon her extensive experience to guide her students towards finding peace, joy, and connection through the practice of yoga. Her classes are filled with her infectious enthusiasm, love for all things yoga, and a genuine desire to help others.

Annabelle recognizes the transformative potential of yoga and its ability to bridge the gap between mind, body, and spirit. She skilfully combines yogic principles with movement awareness, allowing her students to develop a deep understanding of their relationship with the world around them.

Attending Annabelle’s classes is not just about physical exercise; it’s an opportunity to develop the tools necessary to navigate life’s challenges. Her students praise the transformative impact of her teachings, with one saying, “The only night I can sleep properly is after Annabelle’s class.”

If you are seeking a yoga experience that goes beyond the mat, Annabelle’s classes provide the perfect space to immerse yourself in the wisdom of yoga, cultivate a deep sense of well-being, and discover your true potential. Join her on this journey towards self-discovery, and empower yourself to embrace life’s lessons with preparedness and resilience.

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