Yoga: The Key to Dealing with Anxiety

Living with anxiety can be a daily challenge. Everyday tasks, conversations and interactions can become overwhelming. Our routines, careers, and relationships often suffer the consequences of our anxiety. While there are many existing coping mechanisms and treatments available to help manage periods of stress and anxiety, every individual will benefit from these differently.

Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

Over the past few decades, the tremendous benefits of Yoga have been increasingly recognized. Yoga has not only been found to be a wonderful physical practice and avenue of movement, but also a mindful and effective means of expressing and supporting our mental health and wellbeing. Many sufferers of anxiety have found incorporating a regular practice into their lifestyle has equipped them with emotional tools for stress management. Recent research suggests that regular incorporation of Yoga can be considered as a complementary therapy or alternative method for medical therapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders.


One of the core pillars of Yoga is mindfulness. Anxiety relief classes, whether more physical or meditative in nature, are generally structured around repetition, gradual progression, and simple breathing practices. This kind of mindful movement and concentrated thinking can be significantly effective in minimizing any feelings of overwhelm. The controlled and calm nature of Yoga has been acknowledged as an effective tool to manage and minimise stress. It is a powerful mindfulness practice, drawing on patience, awareness of self, and stillness throughout a typical flow sequence.

Yoga Can Be Easily Incorporated Into Daily Life

Yoga can effortlessly be introduced into your daily routine or revisited after a break. There are simple ways to incorporate the practice daily, weekly, or intermittently into any lifestyle. Practicing mindful exercise and contemplation is not only a thoughtful way to move your body but can introduce you to a community of supportive, like-minded individuals. Regardless of what style of yoga class you choose, every teacher will guide your practice thoughtfully, offering a range of modifications to suit the experience levels and needs of every individual. As a practice, Yoga is constantly refining and developing itself, incorporating new interpretations with ancient teachings. Nonetheless, the same core focuses, unifying mind, body, and soul, can be found in every yoga class, no matter the speed, temperature, or difficulty.


Yoga offers such a diverse range of styles and difficulty levels, allowing for a personalized practice for any kind of person. That’s why Tamara Yoga has consciously curated an online course for anxiety relief. Drawing on over twenty years of experience working with anxious, depressed and chronically ill students in Perth, Tamara has formulated this unique course to help those suffering with anxiety. Through a variety of techniques, learn how to calm the mind and release tension from the body.

Try Our Anxiety Relief Course

Purchase the anxiety relief yoga course today and you’ll receive lifetime access so you can re-practice the videos wherever and whenever, as many times as you like. Yoga is more than exercise. As a whole, the practice offers each individual an opportunity to experience complete mind-body-spirit rejuvenation. Even a gradual incorporation of yoga into your weekly routine can lead to higher levels of happiness, self-awareness, and gratitude. Experience the difference yoga can make to your everyday life today.