Why Yoga Makes Such a Difference: the Proven Benefits

Testimonials endorsing the benefits of regularly practising Yoga are not difficult to find. They go far beyond super-zen, active-wear clad women after a week-long retreat. Today, an ever-growing community of adults and children enjoy the comforting routine of a downward dog. The magic of Yoga has even been praised by Harvard professors and the global scientific community. Over the last few decades, public interest and cultural recognition has led to a rise in scientific consideration of the benefits of mindful practices like meditation and yoga.

Research using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), not only takes pictures of the brain like a regular MRI but also records brain activity occurring during the scan. Currently, this research is being used to explore the advantages of meditation on patients living with a range of debilitating conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Mindful practices like yoga have been acknowledged for their role in modulating brain mechanisms, considerably reducing the rate of neurological decline that follows the aging process.

In fact, the fMRI research from Harvard showed what’s considered “normal age-related decline” in the brain does NOT occur in the brains of yogi meditators.

From about 25 years of age, our brain’s grey matter starts to shrink in the areas of memory, executive function, compassion & empathy. And the amygdala starts to enlarge so people are more reactive and feel more fearful & anxious.

So, by the time people are 50 years old, there’s a significant difference in their brain from when they were 25.

Except for yogis. Their brains are like 25yr old brains. Further research’s proven meditation has a profound effect on not only mental wellbeing and reducing stress levels, but also on your physical health.

It’s found to reduce blood pressure and, in some cases, even reverse the effects of heart disease. As well as easing chronic pain, aiding insomnia, reducing the frequency and intensity of migraines and enhancing wellbeing.

It really is the secret to living well.

Further fMRI research showed that even after a few weeks of meditating, people are able to think more clearly and already show a positive difference to the grey matter in their brain!

You can be less stressed, far happier and feel more connected.

While maintaining our neurological function and health is extremely important, it isn’t necessarily difficult. Discover the proven benefits for yourself with any one of our yoga class styles. Depending on your individual focus for your practise, we offer a range of class varieties at our studios. Whether you are looking to improve flexibility, mobility, and strength, or would prefer to focus on mindfulness and meditation, Tamara Yoga has something for everyone.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga classes help you to increase flexibility, completely relax and feel young and free. This restorative practise is fundamentally passive, allowing you to sit in various poses for a longer length of time (typically, 3-5 minutes) to reach the deeper layers of the fascia.


The ideal class style for those who like to move, regardless of your knowledge or experience. Classes involve a flowing series of postures to help develop strength, flexibility, and inner peace.

Rise & Shine

Our Rise & Shine classes are designed to help you set the tone for your day. Feel refreshed and ready to face the day as the best version of you.


Our Meditation classes guide you along the path of inspiration. You’ll discover how to turn on the relaxation response in your body to experience the inner peace already within you.

If you are looking to foster a long-term commitment to your practice, our Membership options are the best way to hold yourself accountable. They allow you to approach your practice with flexibility and choice. Yoga allows an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and recharge. Tamara Yoga Unlimited Membership offers boundless access to our range of classes, helping you get the most out of your practice. A weekly direct debit of $39 allows you to enjoy unlimited yoga classes at our 3 studios: Claremont, Bibra Lake and On-line, and special members-only discounts. Our yoga membership gives you the convenience of automatic payments. Studio mats and props to enhance your practice are available at both our Claremont and Bibra Lake studios, though you’re welcome to use your own during class.

If you’re attending two yoga classes a week, or even just three per fortnight, then this is the most cost-effective way for you to commit to your practice, finding fantastic health benefits through our convenient membership options.

Extra Yoga Membership Benefits:

– Unlimited classes from the weekly schedule

– 2 free guest passes per month for 12 months (bring a friend!)

– 10% member-only discount redeemable at Tamara Yoga Online Shop

– 10% discount on your first Private Yoga Session, select workshops and events

– Complete access to our continually updated vast online library of yoga classes, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Tamara Talks

There are countless exercise fads, yo-yo diets and $300 oil diffusers that fiercely claim to be the proprietor of perfect health. While some of these things may do exactly as they advertise, many do not. Maintaining a balanced lifestyle as you age, for your physical and mental wellbeing demands flexibility and compromise. Yoga, among other practices of mindful movement and meditation, offers a pathway to increased strength, flexibility, and self-awareness that hours on a treadmill simply cannot.

How many times have you heard someone complain about their torn hamstring from running? How much of your daily screen-time could be substituted for conscious meditation?

Yoga can effortlessly be introduced into your daily routine or revisited after a break. There are simple ways to incorporate the practice daily, weekly, or intermittently into any lifestyle. Practising mindful exercise and contemplation is not only a thoughtful way to move your body but can introduce you to a community of supportive, like-minded individuals.