Bibra Lake Yin Workshop

Saturday 13th of August at 12:00pm - 2:00pm*
Join Tamara Yoga teacher, Fiona Reynolds for an indulgent Yin Yoga workshop that will leave you feeling lighter, freer and more open. Alan Finger refers to the hips as the body's attic. Yin Yoga is the perfect antidote for stiff hips and supporting a healthy spine. In this workshop you will learn how to gently and safely open your hips to increase flexibility around the joints and move more deeply into challenging poses by surrendering and letting go rather than forcing and straining. Guided meditations, pranayama and inspirational stories will support you in letting go of any unconscious patterns and tensions that you had no idea you were holding onto.
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Meditation Workshop

Saturday 3rd of September 12:00pm 
“Stress can wreak havoc with your metabolism, raise your blood pressure, burst your white blood cells, ruin your sex life…and possibly damage your brain…and the stress response can become more damaging than the stressor itself.” __ R Sapolsky. Research shows that meditation relieves stress, improves concentration and increases happiness. During this workshop you will learn tools to help you meditate. Join Luca to explore the path to inspiration, insight and regeneration.
*Bookings required. Workshop is at the Claremont Studio.

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