Bibra Lake Christmas Long Restorative

Wednesday 16th of December 7:15pm-9:00pm
Are you relaxed and peaceful in the lead up to Christmas? If not, our special long Restorative Class can help you to let go of the stress and focus on who you matters to you at this special time.

Using special poses and props designed to let you release all of your muscles, you will also release the mental gripping caused by stress and anxiety. Not only will you leave this class with a de-stressed mind and body, you will learn poses you can practice at home over the festive and holiday season to keep you centred and refreshed. Prepare to experience relaxation on a whole new level - no yoga experience required.

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Claremont Christmas Long Restorative

Thursday 17th of December 7:15pm-9:00pm
Find time to abide in the good space so that you are not left feeling frazzled, fragmented or depleted over Christmas.
Have you ever felt deeply relaxed? Chances are you can go much deeper. Join us for a very special Christmas restorative class over 2 hours long and experience the effects of yoga nidra (yogic sleep), supported restorative yoga poses and pranayama that will leave you feeling a deep sense of peace and calm. Restorative yoga has a direct effect on the nervous system and brain, leaving you feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated. You will continue to experience the many benefits of this practice long after the session ends.
What people say about restorative yoga:
‘I left Carol’s class feeling like I had been for a facial and a massage’
‘I was so anxious about something at work; I didn’t think I was going to be able to sleep. I tried a breathing practice from your class and fell asleep at once’

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