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If you’re wanting to improve your flexibility, build strength, reduce stress and calm your mind, all in the comfort of your own home, then our Vinyasa yoga online classes are perfect for you.

Our online Vinyasa yoga classes are all conducted live from our Claremont studio, and are not pre-recorded, giving you the many benefits of having an instructor there to provide you with the ongoing support and encouragement you may enjoy and appreciate throughout the class.

We offer four types of Vinyasa yoga classes online: a beginner’s class,an all-levels class, sweat + samahdi and rise + shine classes so, you can choose which Vinyasa class suits you.


If you’re wanting to get healthier and fitter, and haven’t done yoga before, our Vinyasa yoga online classes for beginners are perfect for those who are just starting out. Perhaps you’re worried about not being flexible enough, or you have tried yoga before and felt overwhelmed, then this class level is ideal for you.

Our Vinyasa yoga classes online allow you to learn the fundamentals of yoga step-by-step, in the comfort of your own home or space but with that extra added element of support – our instructors are live and not pre-recorded.

Everyone is welcome to join and attend our beginners’ Vinyasa classes, regardless of whether you’re new to yoga or not.

Find out more and view our Vinyasa yoga online class schedule for beginners here.


Our Vinyasa yoga online classes for all levels are suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis. The online classes involve a flowing series of postures to help you build flexibility, strength and inner peace. We offer modifications to beginners, as well as challenging variations for advanced students.

Find out more and view our Vinyasa yoga online class schedule for all levels here.


If you struggle to find stillness during your yoga practice, then this class is perfect for you. Featuring a strong Asana practice at the beginning of the class, followed by a series of restorative postures to help calm the nervous system, our Sweat + Samadhi practice has been uniquely designed by Yogairaj Sarah Platt-Finger and is extremely popular at our studio. To bring you back to your source of pure potential (or traditionally referred to as ‘Samadhi), a brief meditation will close the practice and allow you to feel relaxed and calm.

Find out more and view our Sweat + Samadhi yoga online class schedule here.


Our Rise + Shine classes are the perfect way to start your day. Helping you to set the tone for the rest of your day and allowing you to be the very best version of yourself, during this class, you’ll practice breathing exercises and once your body is warm, you’ll be able to flow through your poses to awaken, release and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. This class is also a great opportunity to have some time out for yourself and to practice self-care.

Find out more and view our Rise + Shine yoga online class schedule here.


If you’re an existing client, access our Vinyasa yoga online classes and book through our app or website, just as you would a regular Vinyasa yoga class – at least an hour before the start time of the class. You can use your TY Unlimited Membership, class packages, or sign up for a TY Online drop-in for $16 / class.

To ensure you’re ready for TY Online, simply set up your free personalised account with Zoom here: We recommend creating a username similar to your name, as it helps sync with our records. Once your account is set up, Zoom can be accessed via your web browser on your laptop or phone.

An hour before every online Vinyasa class you’re signed up for, we’ll send you the link to the class. We kindly ask that you please join the live stream 5 minutes before the start time of the class to ensure a seamless start. Then, roll out your mat and get ready to enjoy your Vinyasa yoga online in the comfort of your own home.


If you’re looking for Vinyasa yoga classes online, join us at Tamara Yoga. No matter where you are located, our Vinyasa yoga classes online allow you to easily take a moment for yourself that will leave you feeling calm and refreshed. View our schedule and click the link below to make a booking.

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