“My friend had been recommending that I go to a TY class for years.  It wasn’t until I walked a challenging path of bowel cancer and then chemo that I decided to try a class at the Bibra studio. Finding myself on that mat was the beginning of finding myself and returning to the sanctuary of my body.”
– Rebecca 

“I’m so glad that I chose Tamara Yoga to do my teacher training.  Tamara’s teaching techniques with Asana empower you to have the confidence to take Yoga to the world and she demystifies the philosophical side of this ancient discipline by bringing the Yamas & Niyamas into modern everyday thinking and living.  The scheduling of the 2 Year course has been great for me as I have school age children so having the school holidays lecture free has worked perfectly for me.  I have also had the pleasure of meeting and learning with the best bunch of people and I hope at the end of my course we will still stay in touch.  We are all very different people, from different worlds but have shared so many of life’s’ ups and downs together which is empowering in it’s self knowing that you’re not alone when life throws you a curve ball.  I would recommend Tamara Yoga Teacher Training to anyone considering taking their Yoga practice to the next level.”
– Leah 

“I had tried a few yoga studios but it wasn’t until I went to a class with Tamara that I realized Yoga could be so fun and I’ve never looked back. It’s been transformational in all areas of my life, improving my health, happiness, my work life and most importantly my personal relationships, I would go far as to say Tamara Yoga has saved my life. Tamara Yoga studios are warm friendly and inclusive and you’ll soon realize Yoga is for every type of body.”
– Fiona 

“Tamara is obviously a very very knowledgeable Yoga Teacher. But what has amazed me the most since I started going to Tamara Yoga Centre is how dedicated she is to yoga. For me it is very important because I know and I can see that she is always doing her best to deliver the best yoga classes she can and the best teacher training she possibly can. A big thank you for that Tamara. A big thank you too to River who is always looking after us and making sure we are having a wonderful experience every time we walk in.”
– Guillaume 

“Tamara Yoga makes you feel like you are home. When I walk in, I feel instantly welcomed and relaxed. I feel as if I am amongst my friends and family. And this is all before I start my blissful practice.”
– Yasmine 

“Tamara and her amazing team of teachers have helped me understand yoga in a whole new way. It’s not just been the physical practice that has me feeling more alive than ever, it has also been Tamara’s gift in making yogic philosophy so accessible to me that has given me a deeper sense of freedom and joy. I am grateful every day for that.”
– James 

“Tamara Yoga has become a home away from home to me. I’m originally from the UK and at times I definitely feel the distance living in Perth. But when you step through the door at any of the TY studios you’re welcomed like you are part of the family! I started coming to class once a week as a total beginner. Now I’ve completed teacher training thanks to Tamara, Zoe, Julie and River. The entire experience was so incredible I’d happily repeat the whole two years!! I can say with absolute certainty that coming to yoga at TY that first Sunday over five years ago has changed my life for the better.”
– Sarah 

“It feels like a joy and a privilege to attend Tamara Yoga in Claremont as both a student and teacher trainee. As a student (attending regular classes) and trainee at TY, I learn about the philosophy of yoga and the proper technique to look after and strengthen my practice in a way that is both personally rewarding and professionally interesting in my work as a psychologist. The space is lovely. I always look forward to classes and lectures at the studio.”
– Jess 

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