Tamara Graham

When you come to a class or workshop with Tamara regardless of how many other students are there, you’ll feel as if it was just made for you. So many students have said after class, “How did you know that’s just what I needed? It’s like you see into my soul.” You will learn how to translate the teachings of yoga directly into your life transforming you into your happiest, best, most authentic Self. Get ready for a whole mind-body spirit workout, for the experience of real yoga. When you leave Tamara’s class you’ll feel as though you’ve had fitness, strength and flexibility training, a massage and deep meditation all rolled into just one hour and fifteen minutes! You will feel energised, vibrant, peaceful and clear, more resourceful, wanting to come back, planning your next class time. Tamara’s love of yoga and enthusiasm for teaching is infectious; you will be inspired to realize the goal of yoga, enlightenment Tamara’s mother introduced her to yoga as a child and she began practicing meditation in 1986. After qualifying as a special education teacher she began teaching yoga as a part of the school day in 1991. Tamara is able to pace the class to suit multiple levels and abilities so that everyone regardless of age, experience or background feels welcomed, supported and challenged. Tamara has extensive experience teaching students with needs as varied as New York marathon runners to fellow yoga teachers to high profile clients like Donna Karen, as well as busy CEO’s and medical specialists. From 1998 – 2004, Tamara taught group and private yoga classes for both adults and children in New York.  Tamara has studied with many internationally renowned yoga teachers. While living in the U.S., she studied with Yogiraj Alan Finger of ISHTA Yoga and received Yoga Alliance certification in the ISHTA system of yoga.  Since moving to Australia and establishing the thriving Tamara Yoga schools in Perth, Tamara has travelled back to New York to undertake further one to one studies with Alan Finger. Yogiraj Alan initiated Tamara to transmit Shaktipat- the transference of spiritual energy to assist meditation and the experience of highest consciousness. Tamara is honoured to represent ISHTA Yoga in Australia. Tamara is an E-RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia. Tamara runs three tracks of Yoga Teacher Training and Postgraduate Training recognised nationally by Yoga Australia and internationally by Yoga Alliance. Tamara teaches:

Fiona Reynolds

Students love Fiona’s classes: “I just wanted to stay there forever… it was so peaceful.” And, “I was really impressed with the class I went to with Fiona…there was a really good flow of instructions and movements.” Fiona is a Registered Nurse and has worked mostly in healthcare, and also been involved in music production and acting. When diagnosed with health problems of her own she discovered Western medicine alone was not the solution and she spent years researching and trying alternative healthcare therapies. Having tried yoga in L.A. and Sydney it wasn’t until she started attending Tamara Yoga in Perth that it all started to make sense, so much so that she commenced the two-year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 and now teaches beautiful, heart-felt yoga classes. Fiona teaches:

Margaret Light

You will love experiencing Margaret’s classes as she guides you through easeful practices that gradually allow the body to open and yield into beautiful poses that feel so great on the inside.  She has been teaching Mixed Level, Beginners, Restorative, Yin, Pregnancy and Fascial Release classes for many years now along with Workshops and Retreats. Margaret’s teachings are informed by her background as an experienced Naturopath and Nursing Practitioner.  She has a strong interest in Ayurveda and Anatomy, weaving these teachings along with Yoga Philosophy, Mantra and Pranayama through her classes so that they are interesting, very safe, strengthening, healing and nurturing to your body and mind. Margaret infuses her classes with fun, lightness and a strong desire for you to feel so good in your body and in your spirit. Margaret teaches:

James 'Fish' Gill

Fish’s love of yoga has played an essential role in developing his sense of peace and contentment in a complex, challenging, ever changing world. In Fish’s classes you will come to discover the role yoga can play in developing both strength and flexibility, as well as exploring techniques to help you feel more at ease and be less impacted by the stresses in your life. Fish brings his humour, passion and experience as a facilitator, working with men who are keen to relate more closely to themselves and others. Sharing yoga and breaking down modern misconceptions of yoga that can make it feel inaccessible, is the ultimate combination of his passions. Fish teaches:

Pennie Lawie

Relax and let yourself be guided to where true peace resides- within you. Pennie believes that yoga is not something you do, but something you are. In a world where we are constantly made to feel like we need to do more and be more, she will help you to discover that you are already complete and whole, just as you are. Students describe her classes as ‘inspiring and elegant’, ‘soothing, yet uplifting’ and ‘truly magical’.

With extensive post-graduate training in several areas including Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga for Anxiety & Depression, Qigong & TCM, and Sound Healing, you are in safe hands with Pennie.

Ask about her one-on-one Sound Massage treatments- pure bliss!

Pennie teaches:

Chloe Thornton-Hick

A yoga student herself, for over twenty years, Chloe knows from personal experience just how beneficial a regular yoga practice can be – especially when going through or recovering from significant life challenges. As well as a Tamara Yoga trained teacher, Chloe is a Clinical Psychologist with over a decade of experience working across public, private and not-for profit mental health settings.
Chloe is constantly inspired by the ways in which ancient yogic philosophy and modern psychology meet. Chloe is passionate and dedicated to teaching yoga as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of emotional and mood dys-regulation issues, anxiety and depression, grief and loss, trauma, stress and/or adjusting to major life changes. Chloe draws upon her experience as a clinical psychologist in her yoga teaching and teaches the Tamara Yoga Trauma Informed course.
Chloe is a compassionate and insightful teacher who’s primary aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment for you to feel comfortable to explore and experience breath and body, movement and mind, stillness and sensation. Chloe is committed to helping you to develop insight and awareness and a range of invaluable skills yoga has to offer in regulating the nervous system, calming the mind and building resilience.

Evonne Fong

Evonne offers heartfelt, accessible classes that invite you to explore and journey deeper. You’ll focus on integrating the flow of breath with mindful movement, to leave you feeling more revitalised, balanced and happy. Evonne has a deep appreciation for the transformative effects of yoga and will help you to embrace all that you encounter in life more fully. She is incredibly grateful for the teachers and friends that have influenced and contributed to her yoga journey. She feels very lucky to be able to share her love of yoga, and its calming, therapeutic and healing effects. The lessons she learns on the mat continue to change her life for the better. She looks forward to meeting you on the mat, and hopes yoga will change your life too. Evonne teaches:

Jess Wilding

After a class with Jess, you will feel light, but strong. With a focus on correct alignment, Jess will guide you through sequences giving you the tools to feel empowered from the inside – out. Throughout practicing with Jess, you will learn subtle techniques that will leave you with a whole new sense of self, using both yogic philosophy and body alignment cues. Regardless of how much yoga you have practiced, you will feel safe and supported throughout a class with Jess as she layers sequences, offering modifications to support your individual needs. Jess teaches:

Zoe Turner

When Zoe is your teacher, be prepared to laugh, to feel alive and to connect dots. Zoe is a successful graduate of both the two-year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and Postgraduate Teacher Training. Drawing on her physiotherapy knowledge of anatomy, physiology and movement analysis, Zoe empowers you to link yogic teachings with your own experience of each posture. Students find Zoe’s adjustments particularly helpful – to open, to soften, to feel in a more subtle way. Individually tailored, each is delivered from compassion and understanding. As a student emailed us: “I attended my first Tamara Yoga Beginners Yoga Course with Zoe, and it was the best yoga class I’ve attended anywhere in the world. Really inspirational, calm and relaxing and inspirational as yoga should be.“  Zoe has been practicing yoga for 14 years. She has experienced Iyengar, Ashtanga and Restorative styles of yoga, finally coming home to Vinyasa.  She loves teaching from the tradition of ISHTA- the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda to deliver a class that is varied, fresh and fun. Zoe commenced Tamara Yoga Teacher Training in 2006. Prior to completing her Yoga Teacher training, Zoe earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and Public Relations and was a pearl technician, working in the South Pacific and Broome, Western Australia. Zoe is now a qualified and practicing Physiotherapist. Zoe teaches:

Deliah Cassidy

Deliah is a fully registered clinical psychologist who continues to work with those afflicted by mental illness. She came to Tamara Yoga a few years ago following the recommendation from one of our teachers after her own experience with anxiety. Coming to Tamara Yoga on a regular basis helped her to find a sense of peace and contentment. Deliah is a big advocate for self compassion and this is a frequent focus in her classes. She understands the difficulty in finding time for ourselves and relishes the opportunity to support her students in reaching their goals, whether they be physical, mental or spiritual. Such is Deliah’s passion for yoga and it’s numerous benefits that she has encouraged her mother and sister to attend and they are now extolling all they have gained from their own experiences! With a background in science, Deliah has been impressed with the research supporting the practice of yoga and has seen first hand positive changes in those with depression and anxiety. In Deliah’s class you will be given the opportunity to look after yourself; learning self compassion and gaining a sense of clarity and calm.

Rochelle Phillips

Rochelle aspires to teach classes that enable you to enjoy the blissfulness of feeling into your body, cultivating feelings of expansiveness and profound rest, releasing and lengthening and feeling yourself limber. Rochelle teaches children’s and adult’s yoga. Children are naturally inclined to be playful with yoga allowing for a relaxed and receptive way of engaging. Her classes are infused with reverence, compassion, and love. Her love for yoga spans back to her teens, having attended classes at her local surf club. After trying various styles of yoga over the years, she finally found her teacher and her lineage, whilst pregnant with her first child. She maintained an active practice throughout her consequent pregnancies and continues to teach her three sons and partner. This line from the Bhairava Tantra deeply resonates with her: “What is this power we call Life, Appearing as the play of flesh and blood? How may I know this mystery and enter it more deeply?” She holds a Bachelor of Communication from Edith Cowan University and has worked as an assistant film producer, studied fashion design, and is a passionate ceramicist. She is an actively involved parent at the Perth Waldorf School. With an insatiable zest for life and appetite for the new and progressive, she equally retains a sense of devotion to tradition, and past wisdom. Rochelle teaches:

Caroline Oakes

Our new students love Caroline! When you complete her Beginner’s Course you’ll feel confident and inspired, ready to take on a variety of classes as you step into a regular yoga practice.
As well as teaching the daytime TY Beginners Course, Caroline specialises in pregnancy massage, kinesiology, reiki and remedial massage. An in-depth understanding of the intricate workings of the body and the link between the physical, mental and emotional aspects of muscular imbalances inform her teaching. Caroline also loves to teach Yin Yoga as she knows how powerful releasing the fascia and connective tissue in the body can be – not only does it help you feel physically aligned, but it encourages students to slow down and enjoy being with themselves.

By including this knowledge in her classes, Caroline’s unique approach will take you on a journey that can work on all levels – the physical, mental, emotional and energetic – to fast-track results and leave you feeling energised, relaxed and connected. Caroline teaches:

Renae Morris

Renae believes that yoga truly is for every body. Renae found yoga whilst pregnant and practiced throughout each stage, including prenatal, during pregnancy and post natal. She found that each phase presented a different change in her body and so a different practice was required, even while the same themes flowed through. Renae finds compassion for yourself, meeting your body where it is and practicing gently, lead to both physical and mental strength. She will lead you through a practice seemingly tailored just for you with modifications and variations offered throughout class. Her classes endeavour to leave you feeling fulfilled, nourished and nurtured. Renae teaches:

Courtney Henry

When Courtney discovered yoga she felt she had found the thing which had been missing from her life. She finds yoga to be a journey which becomes increasingly rich and joyful the longer she travels it. She has maintained a dedicated meditation practice for ten years and has enjoyed attending a number of silent retreats. Courtney incorporates yogic philosophy into her classes and teaches her students to practice “kindfulness” which is an attitude of both mindfulness and kindness towards the mind and body. Courtney teaches covers.

Sally Washer

Sally’s classes are a chance to immerse in a truly beautiful transcendent experience. You’ll leave feeling nurtured, present, calm, deeply relaxed and peaceful. Sally suffered trauma as a child which led to an eating disorder and eventually Chronic Fatigue. Her diagnosis meant she found running her business, caring for her family and socialising far more challenging. Caught up in problems and health issues she stumbled on Tamara Yoga and the ISHTA lineage which she loved for its focus on personalising your practice for your own needs. Sally remembers attending the Restorative Yoga Class at Tamara Yoga that day and she says this was the first time she’d ever learnt how to relax, release and let go so she could heal. This newfound feeling turned into a yearning to help others learn how to fall in love with life again. Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Meditation are Sally’s passions. Through visualisation, breathing and supported poses Sally teaches students how to be gentle so they can find the peace in life. ‘You are released; you gain freedom. And with that kind of freedom, with that kind of release, healing becomes possible. Life becomes possible. Joy becomes possible.’ – Thich Nhat Hanh. Sally teaches covers.


River Anderson

Currently on maternity leave with gorgeous babies Hudson and Lola. For all studio enquiries please contact Ella or Ari at info@tamarayoga.com or on 08 9385 2242. Practicing yoga since before she was born, with Tamara as her mother, River has grown up with yoga as an integral part of her life. River manages all the fine details of the studio as well as big picture planning.

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