For years students far and wide have been asking us to record Tamara’s classes, so we’re thrilled to finally share with you her new recordings.

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Listen to Tamara share ways the teachings of yoga can be used in your everyday life to feel healthier, happier and more resourceful.

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Now regardless of where you are, you can still come to class!

For a short time only, we’re giving some of the talks to everyone here!

Time to calm the crazy. Yin + Meditation whole class (Full Class)

A whole class for you especially helpful if you’ve been feeling alarmed about corona virus. This’ll help you find calm and peace (Full Class)

A practice for peace rather than panic (18 minutes)

Happy Valentines Day (Full Class)

Karma + Dharma (22 mins)

How to experience peace during uncertainty (15 mins)

How to reclaim your true self (22 mins)

Free yourself from life’s obstacles (17 mins)

Karma – Life is happening for you, not to you (19 mins)

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