Margaret River Over 50’s Retreat

Only own accommodation option available

1st – 4th of October 2015

Experience the amazing effects of yoga, while taking some time for yourself. Improve and maintain both strength and flexibility in body and mind. Yoga is weight bearing, which is important for reducing and preventing osteoporosis. Yoga increases flexibility and moves all your joints through their range in motion. Yoga reverses gravity in the body and allows increased blood flow without extra strain on the heart. Yoga prevents and corrects the most visible symptom of ageing – the rounding of the spine. Research indicates yoga can prevent and even cure heart disease. Yoga is more than exercise – yoga is complete mind-body – spirit rejuvenation that leads to higher levels of happiness.

A student from a previous retreat commented: “I love the emphasis on enjoying the yoga at a spiritual level as well as the feeling of well being that comes from working the body. I loved the dormitory concept, it was such fun to be together like schoolgirls, and it is all so beautiful, so peaceful. The food was amazing, the retreat was worth it for the whole food experience alone…_Lesley

A retreat especially for over 50’s makes this a very special experience – personalised for you so its just right. As a student from last year, Yvonne, said, “…the age group is perfect for me. I loved it. The yoga was great…free time was plentiful but not too much. I loved the accommodation, all so clean and cozy, but not fragile either…loved the food..the retreat venue is absolutely beautiful…”

A previous student’s recommendation: “Go relax and enjoy! You will not only have a great Yoga experience with beautiful meditations but you will also have the benefit of valuable information sharing. We learned so much about preparing healthy food and also lots of general healthy living tips.”_Lyn

Head down to Margaret River on Thursday afternoon to be there in time to settle in before the welcome dinner at 6:30pm. After dinner you’ll enjoy a deeply relaxing yoga nidra (deep relaxation) settling you in to the peaceful rhythm of the retreat.

The next morning, your yoga class, personalised for you, will begin at 8am with pranayama and meditation followed by a light breakfast and then asana class until 11:15. Picture from your yoga mat, looking out into the tranquil surroundings of the nature reserve of our retreat centre Honeyeater Ridge.

A delicious brunch follows and then there’s free time for you to rest, perhaps read, or go for a walk, or maybe a dip at the nearby stunning Margaret River beaches. Later in the afternoon they’ll be the opportunity to learn about the yogic system of wellness – Ayurveda. After a healthy and delectable dinner, there’s a deeply calming two-hour Yin Yoga class before you slip into bed for another restful night’s sleep.

Imagine this delightfully nurturing routine for another day, relaxing and rejuvenating you at such a deep level…that you feel positively transformed by the time you depart after brunch on Sunday.

The Retreat will be taught by Tamara Yoga Teacher Annie Hesford. Annie is an inspiring teacher who is a true example of the benefits of yoga. A student from the last year retreat commented: “Annie is a great teacher… Her instructions are clear, and she is so encouraging, so accepting, so warm.” Her love of yoga is inspirational and motivating. You will experience renewed vitality of body and mind. Her light hearted approach coupled with her years of yoga study and ability to communicate lead to students loving her classes. As one said “I look forward to my yoga classes so much… Yoga empowers me; the classes are vigorous yet we are guided to attempt more challenging poses in such a way they often seem effortless. When I was into Annie’s classes there is such a happy welcoming atmosphere and I feel part of a supportive community. When I walk out I feel stronger and calmer.” Annie has been an integral part of the Tamara Yoga community since 2004. She says, “My life has been enhanced and my horizons broadened by my yoga practice. The most beautiful thing about yoga is that is it for everyone – to quote a wise teacher, ‘ if you can breathe, you can do yoga’.

Approximate Timetable


6.30pm Dinner

7.30pm Introductory session Yoga Nidra/Relaxation

Friday and Saturday

7.00am Pranayama Meditation

7.45am Light breakfast quiet reflection time

8.15 – 10.30am Yoga Class

10:30 Brunch

4.00 – 6.00pm Yoga Class



7.00am Pranayama Meditation

7:30am Light breakfast. Quiet reflection time

8.00am Yoga Class

10.00am Closing

10.30am Brunch

Pack up and Departure

To stay in the dormitory style accommodation of our retreat centre in Margaret River, for all classes and all meals, the fee is $690

We also offer the option for you to attend the retreat if have your own accommodation in the Margaret River region. The fee for the retreat and meals, with your own accommodation is  $570 – Limited Availability

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