Down Under Yogis

Down Under Yogis


Down Under Yogis is the perfect gift for yourself or for
someone looking for inspiration in their lives—the book is made up
of 70 intriguing, informative personal stories and images from all
around Australia—and is a great way to enjoy some time out from
the digital life we lead.

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Down Under Yogis will expand your horizons no matter what stage of your yoga journey, from beginners through to the highly experienced ‘yogi’. And if your yoga journey hasn’t yet begun – this book is the perfect opportunity to help start you on that path! With a compilation of 70 inspiring and informative stories from around Australia, combined with beautifully captured poses, both complex and simple, Down Under Yogis is your ultimate guide and support to reach out for anytime ‘your cup needs filling up’.

“I was thrilled to be a part of Caroline’s book Down Under Yogis. Yoga has been quite transformative for me in so many ways and I know that yogis come from all different lives, but we all have one thing in common, which is the search of self. I think Caroline captures that perfectly in her book.” – Janine Allis, Founder of Boost Juice AUTHOR:

Caroline Whitehurst has been a regular yoga practitioner for 20 years. Over this time, she has met many others also passionate about yoga from all walks of life. Caroline became inspired to go on quest and find even more intriguing stories in order to share healing and wellness with others, creating her first book – Down Under Yogis. With a vision of connecting the yoga community universally, Caroline has explored the Australian yoga community, and how very different individuals from around the country come together for the same purpose – yoga.