New morning classes to help you get a healthy dose of yoga

The benefits of yoga can be felt by committing to practice, even if it isn’t every day or for hours at a time.

We’ve all got busy lives and full to the brim daily routines. You’re probably well acquainted with the feeling of wanting to do more with the finite number of hours available in the day. Taking time to care for you can feel like an unrealistic expectation at the best of times.

Whilst you might have considered the question ‘how much yoga is enough to feel the benefit?’ and instantly put yourself off committing to a regular practice, scientific studies show that even small amounts of yoga can dramatically boost mood, lower stress levels, and improve muscle tone. That’s why at Tamara Yoga we’ve added new shorter 60 minute Hour of Power classes in the morning.

 A shorter 60 minute class still has significant benefits for energy levels, better sleep and the prevention of osteoporosis. In an easily manageable bite size format, you can settle the mind, warm-up, workout and stretch the body, and then centre yourself for the day ahead. This class is designed to enable you to face your schedule as your best self.

 Coupled with breath work these unique classes help you to access a more meditative state so your practice becomes more like meditation in motion. Meditation comes with a whole host of positive benefits including helping to develop self-awareness, increasing concentration levels and slowing the ageing of the brain.

If you’ve been ditching yoga to make time for a more sweat-centric workout, know that recent scientific findings published by researchers from Harvard in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology show yoga is just as healthy for your heart as taking a cycling class. What’s more the focus of moving through poses with the breath helps you to stay safe and secure, preventing injury.

This convenient class can help you discover the benefits of yoga for yourself and in only 60 minutes, which works out as less than 7% of your day. Timings ensure you can fit this class in before work and Tamara Yoga studios use a quick sign in process, with accessible class packs, so you’re getting high quality yoga, thats easy and convenient for you, for the best value.

Class times:

Wednesday | 6:00am | TY Claremont

Wednesday | 6:00am | TY Bibra Lake

Thursday | 6:00am | TY Claremont

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