Here at Tamara Yoga, we offer specialized yoga therapy classes for individuals. Our yoga therapy teachers are highly trained and are here to help you gain greater ease and comfort.

Zoe Turner is our resident physiotherapist and Tamara Yoga therapy teacher. A 60-minute session with Zoe can assist those recovering from surgery or injury. Having both a physiotherapy and yoga background, Zoe can advise you on exactly what will be safe and therapeutic for your body.

Research indicates a program of yoga therapy, meditation and deep relaxation can have a profound effect on alleviating fear, anxiety, loneliness and depression that may accompany a diagnosis of cancer or heart disease. Decades of scientifically reliable research has shown that lifestyle changes, including those which involve yoga and relaxation techniques, can actually halt the progression of, and in some cases reverse, the effects of heart disease.

If you’re suffering from any of these conditions or simply want to feel more centered and relaxed, contact us today and we can find a class which suits you. Booking in advance is required for our evidence-based yoga therapy classes.

*No prior experience of yoga is needed for any of our yoga therapy classes.

Fee: $140/individual class


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