Having a class for over 50’s means the yoga practice is personalised especially for you. You will receive individual attention and discover how to improve and maintain both strength and flexibility in body and mind. Yoga increases flexibility and reverses gravity allowing increased blood flow without extra strain on the heart. Yoga prevents and corrects the most visible symptom of aging, the rounding of the spine and reduces and prevents osteoporosis. Yoga is an ideal health system for everyone, but especially as we age, as the aging process usually sees people (who don’t practice yoga) stiffening, becoming rigid and closing down and forward. Yoga reverses this by moving each joint through its full range of motion, stretching, strengthening and balancing each part. Whereas other weight bearing exercises contract muscles and tighten the musculoskeletal system adding to stiffness, yoga opens and expands the body. Yoga is more than exercise – yoga is complete mind – body- spirit rejuvenation that leads to higher levels of happiness.

“Youthfulness, strength and flexibility are not prerequisites to yoga practice, but are its benefits.” __Suza Francina, The New Yoga for People Over 50.

Monday | 7:30am | Evonne | TY Claremont

| 7:30am | Pennie | TY Claremont



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