Yoga For Bigger Bodies

Do you like the idea of trying yoga, but feel a bit intimidated by the idea that yoga is for flexible skinny people? Think again. This beginner’s course is especially designed to introduce yoga to you the way it will work for your body.

Gentle pacing, the use of props and modifications will allow you to dive into the wonderful world of yoga without the fear of being ‘out of place’. This is not a class designed to help you lose weight necessarily or impose on you any concept of how your body should be – this class is about learning to use your body in ways you may have not known were possible. Yoga leads us to a healthier understanding of the miracle of our human form, in whatever shape that comes.

Over six weeks you will be taught about the use of your breath to open your mind body connection, techniques for practicing meditation, and gently sequenced poses will bring you into balance. This course will also introduce Restorative poses that will help you to counteract the effects of stress in our fast-paced lives.

Join us and find the power of yoga as a tool to bring greater happiness, mobility and peace into your life.

Fee:  $126 standard / $90 concession for 6 week course

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