WEDS 14TH FEB at 12.15pm – 2.45pm: FULLY BOOKED!

Alan: Tantra Lecture Tattvas

Tantra comes from two words: Tanoti which means to expand and Trayati which means to liberate. In this lecture, Alan will explain the basic tenets of ISHTA Tantra, including a breakdown of the Tattvas, which are the seeds of the 5 major elements that make up the entire universe and all of its existence.

Sarah: Seven Segments

Learn about the seven segments of alignment as developed by Alan, which relates to the seven chakras. In this lecture we will explore the physical body from a Tantric perspective and understand how each segment has a physical, spiritual, and psychological quality. Find out how to bring each segment into balance, and how that creates balance on a subtle-energetic level as well.


FRI 16TH FEB at 1.00pm – 6.00pm: FULLY BOOKED!

Sarah + Tamara: Posture Lab

Learn how to view the physical postures of yoga through an ISHTA Tantric lens, applying the seven segments of alignment and the Ayurvedic approach of constitution and condition. We will look at individual bodies and see how there is no “right way” to do the pose, but the way that is suitable to the needs of the individual.

Sarah + Tamara: Hands-On Adjustments

From an energetic perspective, our hands are the transmitters of Shakti, the mother-nature force the governs us. They also relate to the heart and throat chakras, so how we touch relates to both how we feel and how we communicate. In this session, Sarah and Tamara will teach how to apply the principles of ISHTA yoga and the seven segments of alignment to hands-on adjustments, enhancing the art of touch. Both basic and deepening spots will be covered.

Sarah + Tamara: Sequencing

Understand the art of sequencing from an ISHTA perspective. In this session we will explore the 9 components of an ISHTA practice, how to sequence to a “peak pose,” and how to integrate philosophy into the classroom. There will be ample time to create sequences in groups.



MON 19TH FEB at 12.15pm – 2.45pm: FULLY BOOKED!

Alan: Understanding The 4 Major Nadis Through Embryonic Development

A nadi is a chord, or an energetic line that our awareness and prana flows through. In the ancient writings of the subtle body there are four major nadis that map our being: Ida, Pingala, Shashumna, and Brahma Nadi. In this lecture, Alan will explain how there major nadis can be seen in embryonic development, and how they migrate to become major functions of our nervous system.

Sarah: Learning How To Teach Kriyas in Asana

In this session, Sarah will discuss the two main kriyas that are taught in the ISHTA asana practice: Sa Hum and Arohan Awarohan. Together we will explore their purpose, when it is appropriate to teach them, and how to do it in an accessible, yet authentic way. Be prepared to practice teach!



TUES 20TH FEB at 12.15pm – 2.45pm: FULLY BOOKED!

Alan: Framework to the Ayurveda:

Delve deeper into the science of Ayurveda by learning how to analyze your prakriti and diagnose your vakriti through pulse reading and questionnaire. We will also discuss the gunas and how they affect the doshas.

Sarah: Teaching to the Doshas

Learn how to read the individual student by studying their breath and their pulse. This session will help you to understand how to design a practice for the individual in a private setting.



WEDS 21ST FEB at 12.15pm – 2.45pm: FULLY BOOKED!

Alan: Pranayama

Prana is the life force energy or electricity that animates and enlivens us. Ayama means to extend and yama means to direct. In this lecture, Alan will discuss how pranayama techniques can serve to extend and direct the life force energy within us, creating balance in the nervous system and steadiness in the mind.

Sarah: How to Teach Pranayama

Learn how to teach basic and advanced ISHTA pranayama techniques in both a group class setting and in privates. Understand how pranayama can serve to both energize and calm the nervous system and the mind.


THURS 22ND FEB at 12.15pm – 2.45pm: FULLY BOOKED!

Sarah: How to Teach Meditation

Learn to teach both basic and advanced ISHTA meditation techniques in group asana, meditation, private, or corporate settings. In this session we will look at how to make the more esoteric Tantric practices accessible and non-intimidating. We will cover topics such as voice, sequencing, and how to teach meditation from an authentic space.


FRI 23RD FEB at 1.00pm – 6.00pm: FULLY BOOKED! 

Alan: Mantra, Yantra, and Japa Lecture

Mantra means to extend and liberate the mind. Yantra is a shape that alters our consciousness, and japa means repetition. Learn about the ancient tools of sound, shape, and chanting, and how they can be used to expand the mind, alter our consciousness, and create transformation.

Sarah: Advanced Principles in Sequencing

Combining poses in a way that is both energetically engaging and anatomically safe and healing is sequencing a yoga class.  Learn about the 9 basic components to an ISHTA asana class, and how they can be used to create balance, strength, steadiness and ease. We will also cover advanced principles of advanced asana and how to make challenging postures relevant in a subtle-energetic perspective.



2.5hr sessions: $75

4hr sessions: $150

All sessions: $675


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