Tamara Graham

When you come to a class or workshop with Tamara regardless of how many other students are there, you’ll feel as if it was just made for you. So many students have said after class, “How did you know that’s just what I needed? It’s like you see into my soul.” You will learn how to translate the teachings of yoga directly into your life transforming you into your happiest, best, most authentic Self. Get ready for a whole mind-body spirit workout, for the experience of real yoga. When you leave Tamara’s class you’ll feel as though you’ve had fitness, strength and flexibility training, a massage and deep meditation all rolled into just one hour and fifteen minutes! You will feel energised, vibrant, peaceful and clear, more resourceful, wanting to come back, planning your next class time. Tamara’s love of yoga and enthusiasm for teaching is infectious; you will be inspired to realize the goal of yoga, enlightenment

Tamara’s mother introduced her to yoga as a child and she began practicing meditation in 1986. After qualifying as a special education teacher she began teaching yoga as a part of the school day in 1991. Tamara is able to pace the class to suit multiple levels and abilities so that everyone regardless of age, experience or background feels welcomed, supported and challenged.  Tamara has extensive experience teaching students with needs as varied as New York marathon runners to fellow yoga teachers to high profile clients like Donna Karen, as well as busy CEO’s and medical specialists. From 1998 – 2004, Tamara taught group and private yoga classes for both adults and children in New York.  Tamara has studied with many internationally renowned yoga teachers.

While living in the U.S., she studied with Yogiraj Alan Finger of ISHTA Yoga and received Yoga Alliance certification in the ISHTA system of yoga.  Since moving to Australia and establishing the thriving Tamara Yoga schools in Perth, Tamara has travelled back to New York to undertake further one to one studies with Alan Finger. Yogiraj Alan initiated Tamara to transmit Shaktipat- the transference of spiritual energy to assist meditation and the experience of highest consciousness. Tamara is honoured to represent ISHTA Yoga in Australia.

Tamara is an E-RYT 500 Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia. Tamara runs three tracks of Yoga Teacher Training and Postgraduate Training recognised nationally by Yoga Australia and internationally by Yoga Alliance.

Tamara teaches the following classes at the Claremont studio:

Julie Dulaney

Regardless of how much or how little yoga you have experienced before, you will feel challenged and expanded during Julie’s classes. You will find new ‘edges’ physically, mentally and spiritually. Students have said “I have never been able to do that before,” and “I have never experienced such stillness before,” after Julie’s teaching. You will learn technique and precision and leave Julie’s class feeling a deeper connection to life around you – the beautiful result of the practice. Julie has been practicing yoga for more than 25 years and teaching yoga since 2002. In addition to weekly classes, Julie teaches regular Tamara Yoga retreats in Margaret River and Bali. Julie is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia and co-teaches Tamara Yoga Teacher Training with Tamara.

Julie is a graduate of the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies and was awarded a Diploma of Aromatherapy and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy. Julie has studied Computer Science and Information Systems at Murdoch University and previously worked as a computer consultant. Julie loves teaching yoga, and feels that it’s not work, it’s a passion and a joy! She said, “Yoga has helped me through difficult times in my life, and shown ways to live with easy happiness. I am so grateful to all my teachers for sharing their passion and sparking my own.”

Julie teaches

Zoe Turner

When Zoe is your teacher, be prepared to laugh, to feel alive and to connect dots. Zoe is a successful graduate of both the two-year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and Postgraduate Teacher Training. Drawing on her physiotherapy knowledge of anatomy, physiology and movement analysis, Zoe empowers you to link yogic teachings with your own experience of each posture. Students find Zoe’s adjustments particularly helpful – to open, to soften, to feel in a more subtle way. Individually tailored, each is delivered from compassion and understanding. As a student emailed us: “I attended my first Tamara Yoga Beginners Yoga Course with Zoe, and it was the best yoga class I’ve attended anywhere in the world. Really inspirational, calm and relaxing and inspirational as yoga should be.“ 

Zoe has been practicing yoga for 14 years. She has experienced Iyengar, Ashtanga and Restorative styles of yoga, finally coming home to Vinyasa.  She loves teaching from the tradition of ISHTA- the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda to deliver a class that is varied, fresh and fun. Zoe commenced Tamara Yoga Teacher Training in 2006. Prior to completing her Yoga Teacher training, Zoe earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and Public Relations and was a pearl technician, working in the South Pacific and Broome, Western Australia. Zoe is now a qualified and practicing Physiotherapist.

Zoe teaches:

  • Carol Hicks

    You will feel invigorated and restored after a class or workshop with Carol. Students have said, “I learn something new in every one of Carol’s classes,” and  “I really enjoy Carol’s classes. I feel like I’ve had a great work out but am so relaxed at the end it can be a struggle to get off the mat! I see many patients with anxiety and “stress” and always recommend yoga to them. The breath work involved helps to calm them and the philosophy of yoga reminds them to stop and find inner serenity… Patients with upper or lower back pain find it very helpful too. I love yoga. I think it’s a great antidote to modern life.” – Doctor Rachel Horncastle.

    Carol is a successful graduate of both the two-year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and Postgraduate Teacher Training. Carol began her practice of yoga in London 18 years ago after feeling pain her back when she bent over to fold her daughter’s nappy. Realising that she needed to take care of herself so that she could care for her daughter, she tried different yoga styles and fell in love with the vigour and flow of Vinyasa yoga. From her very first Vinyasa class, she realised that the benefits of yoga would include far more than a great physique and a strong back, there was something very powerful and life changing about the practice of yoga. Carol previously studied Asian studies at Murdoch University and lived in Hangzhou, China. She then moved to the UK where she worked as a public relations consultant. Returning to Perth in 2003, she began teaching legal research skills at the University of Western Australia and began practicing yoga at Tamara Yoga in 2007. While enjoying the physical challenges of asana, Carol is particularly drawn to the benefits of pranayama, meditation and the teachings of yogic philosophy, which she uses as inspiration for her classes.

    Carol teaches:

    Annie Hesford

    Annie had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer when she started class with Tamara in 2004 and found yoga helped in her complete recovery. Soon after she commenced the two-year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training. Annie’s love of yoga is inspirational and motivating. You will experience renewed vitality of body and mind. “I look forward to my yoga classes so much I have stopped a lifelong gym practice. Yoga empowers me; the classes are vigorous yet we are guided to attempt more challenging poses in such a way that they often seem effortless. When I walk in there is such a happy, welcoming atmosphere, I feel part of a supportive community.  When I walk out I feel stronger and calmer.” 

    Annie started a secretarial agency in Perth when she was 25, opened a catering business and had her own TV cooking show. Later she began a successful property development/ holiday accommodation business. Annie said, “I had been dabbling in yoga for a couple of years but hadn’t found ‘my teacher.’ Of course cancer was the great wake-up call and it was very early in my treatment that I found Tamara. Her compassionate approach to teaching enabled me to sail through my sometimes exhausting treatment. An almost daily yoga practice during that time kept me stress free and I recovered very quickly.”
    In 2009, Annie commenced the 2 year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and discovered the joy of teaching yoga. In 2011, Annie took part in further yoga therapy certification for people living with cancer and heart disease.
    Annie says, “My life has been enhanced and my horizons broadened by my yoga practice. So often life offers you a challenge and there have been many in my life, but these days I am a lot calmer, happier and more centred.

    Annie teaches Yoga Therapy and:

  • Fiona Reynolds

    Students love Fiona’s classes: “I just wanted to stay there forever… it was so peaceful.” And, “I was really impressed with the class I went to with Fiona…there was a really good flow of instructions and movements.” Fiona is a Registered Nurse and has worked mostly in healthcare, and also been involved in music production and acting. When diagnosed with health problems of her own she discovered Western medicine alone was not the solution and she spent years researching and trying alternative healthcare therapies. Having tried yoga in L.A. and Sydney it wasn’t until she started attending Tamara Yoga in Perth that it all started to make sense, so much so that she commenced the two-year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training in 2008 and now teaches beautiful, heart-felt yoga classes.

    Fiona teaches:

    Margaret Light

    As well as being a Registered Tamara Yoga teacher, Margaret is an experienced Naturopath and was a Registered Nurse. You will be nurtured by the holistic way Margaret creates a beautifully balanced experience informed by her healing background, knowledge of Ayurveda and the seasons, and understanding of the benefits of each posture. You will be able to practice at your own optimum level as Margaret provides tailored options so that you can work with what is best for you. This enables you to have a fun, safe, healthy yoga practice that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, clear and grounded. After Margaret’s classes students have said they feel “complete, relaxed and re-energized.”

    Margaret teaches:

  • Wednesday – 5:45pm ALL LEVELS – CLAREMONT
  • Wednesday 7:15pm BEGINNERS COURSE* – CLAREMONT
  • Friday 9:15am ALL LEVELS –  BIBRA LAKE
  • Sarah Mitchell

    When you come to one of Sarah’s classes you will experience a sense of joy, energy and flow. Sarah will assist you to connect your body, mind and spirit through linking the breath to movement and dynamic sequences. Sarah helps to create a safe environment in which students of all levels can explore postures and connect to their inner peace and joy.  Students have said they “felt completely at ease and able to let go both physically and mentally after one of Sarah’s classes.”   Sarah completed the two-year Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and is a Level 1 registered teacher with Yoga Australia. Sarah began yoga as a teen and student at university; however she feels her yoga journey truly began at Tamara Yoga in 2009 where she was instantly attracted to the energy and flow of the vinyasya style, connecting the breath to movement and using this as a tool for everyday wellbeing, love and joy. Sarah particularly enjoys the whole of body approach connecting the mind, body and spirit as this, along with other yogic philosophy, relates to her work as a social worker in child protection. Yoga offers a space of calm after her work. Sarah believes yoga is not only a practice to care for your physical body, but is also a gift to enhance your experiences in day-to-day life, “I have found after practicing yoga regularly I am both physically and mentally stronger and more flexible.”

    Sarah teaches:

    Liz Blain

    Liz is passionate about yoga’s ability to realign us, physically and emotionally, and believes that when you feel such powerful alignment in your life you will wholeheartedly embrace the extraordinary in each moment. A student said, “I just walked out of Liz’s 6am class and I want to tell you how divine she is. She was confident but calm and incredibly insightful. She put together an amazing sequence with a balance of elements that flowed beautifully. I left feeling balanced and refreshed.” Liz was drawn to yoga in 2002 due to back injuries she sustained as a result of being a competitive horse rider as a teenager. Her physiotherapist suggested that the way in which yoga helps to create muscle balance and spinal alignment might help her to live with reduced levels of pain. Liz found that if she practiced yoga regularly, she had virtually no back pain at all. After the birth of her first child in 2007, Liz discovered how powerful yoga was in realigning her emotions as well as her spine; she found the ‘sangha’ created by Tamara Yoga was a welcome respite. ‘I found in Tamara Yoga a holistic and traditional approach to yoga, which helped me to feel energized, grounded, inspired – and like I belonged’. It was at this point that Liz decided to study yoga with Tamara Graham and successfully completed the two-year teacher training program. Liz teaches:

    Eliana Vieira

    Eliana has gained valuable experience and thorough understanding of anatomy and movement over many years, as a dance student, teacher and choreographer and now a registered nurse studying Midwifery.  Eliana’s interest in health and wellbeing drew her to Yoga. Her desire to combine the traditional medicine paradigm with yogic principles developed and she soon completed Tamara Yoga Teacher Training and Tamara Yoga Postgraduate Teacher Training. The passion and desire to heal motivate Eliana to complement her knowledge of the western medical model of health with all aspects of Yoga including asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya yoga and chakra yoga.  Eliana’s therapeutic touch and professional approach coupled with her dance background, ensures you receive a healing, vibrantly dynamic class. Eliana teaches:

    Hasser Graham

    Hasser Graham teaches the Manifest Seminar at Tamara Yoga. Hasser is a registered Psychologist and hypnosis therapist. He is also the co-founder of Executive Vision, providing engaging professional development in vital applied psychology for the workplace. Hasser has consulted for over 20 years to individuals and international organizations. He has been repeatedly invited as a special guest on the award winning International Radio show “The Good Life.”  He has personally coached Managing Directors of a number of leading private investment firms. He has also assisted numerous world class singers, actors, authors and television personalities to overcome their career-threatening mental blocks and then helped them go on to achieve their full potential. In Australia, Hasser has consulted for the Australian Football League Players Association, AFL coaches, the Australian Institute of Sport, and has appeared as a regular on Radio 6PR. He has also been involved in television documentaries addressing Youth Suicide.

    Hasser is particularly skilled in the psychology of change and influence. His expertise in corporate coaching, psychology and peak performance enables leaders to easily address areas that require improvement leading to outstanding results. Manifest Seminar is your opportunity to learn directly from Hasser. Manifest the process is a way to create a new reality for your life.

    The next Manifest Seminar:

  • Edith Scrafton-Savage

    Children love Edith’s fun and enchanting classes. The children fully engage in class due to Edith’s dynamic, enthusiastic nature and her love of yoga. Edith makes learning yoga enjoyable and exciting. Well qualified to teach children’s yoga, Edith has received individual teacher training mentoring from Tamara and is completing her Bachelor of Early Childhood. Yoga for children develops strength, creativity and co-ordination. Children’s yoga is proven to be beneficial for their growing bodies and developing minds.

    Edith teaches:

    River Anderson

    Practicing yoga since before she was born, with Tamara as her mother, River has grown up with yoga as an integral part of her life. River manages all the fine details of the studio as well as big picture planning. She’s the one to talk to if you have questions about classes or bookings for courses, workshops, retreats or wish to apply for teacher training. Email River at or to chat with River call 9385 2242.