As a yogi that values peace and harmony, you recognize that yoga is not just practiced ‘on the mat,’ but how you live your life. Making the conscious choice to live non- violently, you’re thoughtful of your impact on the environment.

What you purchase, where it comes from, what was involved in making it, matters. You can’t bear the thought of putting clothes on your body that have been made in sweatshops.

Your home environment reflects your values, and is a place of beauty and love. You love originality, creativity and quality. It’s not easy finding somewhere to shop that is both socially responsible and has really beautiful things.

We want to be a sanctuary for you, as like you, living with integrity and beauty is crucial to us here at Tamara Yoga. Everything in our earth conscious shop is made without compromising ethical standards. For example, the yoga mats we use in class are made from all natural rubber, there are no synthetic materials used and for every mat sold, a tree is planted.

As contributing to peace and happiness in the world is our mission, a great deal of thought, love and care has gone into everything in our shop. Like you, we love it if it’s cool, creative, stylish and meaningful. We have Perth’s best range of yoga lifestyle products, our own range of yoga clothes, organic cotton clothing, paraffin free aromatic candles, homewares, yoga mats, organic cotton bolsters, yoga equipment, essential oils, books, organic baby care creams and bubble bath, hand care products and beautiful symbolic jewelry.

We’re constantly sourcing new, exquisite things for you and gifts for your loved ones. We can ship to you. Let us know what you’re after and we’d love to help.

Come visit our shop, 7 O’Beirne St, Claremont.

We’re open every day, and would love to see you.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  9am – 4pm

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Sunday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

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