September 11th – 14th, 2014


Take 3 days to make your own long weekend yoga retreat in Margaret River and feel even better afterwards than if you’d had a longer holiday. How does it work that students after our retreats say things like “I feel transformed”, “I took away an addictive sense of calm and peace.” “I’m so inspired.” “Wow, that was life-changing.”

The immersion in yoga means you are able to focus, without distraction, on deeper yoga practices. This focus helps you to create positive patterns that lead to effortless shifts towards greater well being. Having a highly qualified and experienced teacher who truly ‘lives yoga’, Julie Dulaney, enables this transformation. Julie has been teaching retreats for years. Retreats that students love so much they immediately start planning to make the time for the next year’s retreat.

Over this special long weekend you will learn to meditate and practice mindfulness. You’ll be guided through early morning meditation and pranayama to dynamic asana sessions morning and afternoon leading to more gentle and restorative practice in the evening.

The balm of the retreat atmosphere enables you to enjoy for extended time, yoga in motion. The time in nature makes a huge difference. Our yoga space looks into a tranquil and quiet nature reserve. Our retreat centre is just minutes away from the stunning Margaret River beaches and nearby Karri forests.

You have time each day for fun and to connect with like-minded people as well as plenty of time for rest and quiet reflection. It’s so wonderful to un-plug from the many urgent demands of daily life and immerse in tranquility and peacefulness. As one student said, “I am under such pressure at work…I arrived in Margaret River bone weary, stressed, full of anxiety, teary, angry and miserable. It was such a warm welcome that everything started to fall away…and the whole experience of the retreat was life changing…in no time at all I felt like a new woman.. all the yoga people I have met at Tamara’s are so lovely, so warm so caring, so non judgmental..that alone is advertisement enough for the joy of yoga. Those qualities are infectious, everyone at the retreat had such a happy time, it was like we had known each other for years instead of, for most of us, being strangers before the retreat.” __L McComish

We carefully keep our retreat numbers small so you can receive individual attention. Tamara Yoga Retreats are an injection of wellbeing. We’d love you to join us.

Arrive Thursday evening and leave after breakfast on Sunday.

Approximate Timetable


6.30pm Dinner

7.30pm Introductory session Yoga Nidra/Relaxation

Friday and Saturday

7.00am Pranayama Meditation

7.45am Light breakfast quiet reflection time

8.15 – 10.30am Yoga Class

10:30 Brunch

4.00 – 6.00pm Yoga Class



7.00am Pranayama Meditation

7:30am Light breakfast. Quiet reflection time

8.00am Yoga Class

10.00am Closing

10.30am Brunch

Pack up and Departure

To stay in the dormitory style accommodation of our retreat centre in Margaret River, for all classes and all delicious meals, the fee is $590. FULLY BOOKED!

We also offer the option for you to attend the retreat if have your own accommodation in the Margaret River region. The fee for the retreat and delicious meals, with your own accommodation is  $470.

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