Tamara Yoga at your school is a fun and invigorating way to develop balance, posture, coordination and concentration. Each class will be taught be a qualified Tamara Yoga teacher – all certified Tamara Yoga teachers have undergone two years of thorough training in Yoga, including specialized Children’s and Teen’s Yoga. Every certified Tamara Yoga teacher is registered with Yoga Australia. Yoga Australia is the national registry body of yoga teachers. Registry with Yoga Australia is only granted to teachers who meet the nationally set criteria of educational standards which means you are guaranteed high quality and safe classes.

At a Yoga class taught by Tamara Yoga certified teachers, teens and children form a strong body and focused mind in a playful and joyful environment. The skills of yoga practice learnt at school can help your children throughout their whole lives.
Email info@tamarayoga.com for information or to book yoga at your school.
Benefits of Yoga for Children:

  • Yoga increases concentration, focus, and attention
  • Yoga helps improve strength and flexibility
  • Yoga increases self-esteem
  • Yoga decreases anxiety and increases ability to relax
  • Yoga increased trust, compassion, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Yoga improves digestion
  • Yoga helps to release stress and breathe well
  • Yoga strengthens the immune system of kids

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