Welcome. It’s no accident you’re here right now.

Does this sound like you?  You care about your family and your friends. You want to be your best self not just for you but for those you love. Even though you’ve got a lot on your plate, you probably know you need to stretch yourself.  You know you need to exercise to stay healthy but you hate that feeling of exhaustion from trying to squeeze in activity you don’t enjoy.  If this rings a bell, you’re in the right place.

Tamara Yoga is for you if you want to feel stronger and more flexible, as well as uplifted and wonderful. Imagine feeling healthier, happier more resourceful. Tamara Yoga is ideal for you for if you feel there’s something more you could be getting out of your life. If you feel drawn to learning about real yoga.

Most of the classes at Tamara Yoga are Vinyasa.

What is Vinyasa?

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘to step or place in a special way’.  It refers to the process of moving from where you are now to where you want to go. In essence, Vinyasa is a thoughtful process that helps take you to the next step.

  • Vinyasa increases skill in action.  By paying specific attention to each step, you become more precise, deliberate and on purpose – as opposed to all over the place! Vinyasa helps you to be centred.
  • Vinyasa increases mindfulness. During Vinyasa practice you flow with your breath, you link your movement and your breath. Your breath starts just before the movement, initiating it, and the movement finishes just before the end of the breath, thus the breath envelops the movement. This practice of attentiveness and awareness leads to Meditation in Motion.
  • Vinyasa helps you to be safe. Moving with your breath protects you from injury and strain, and ensures you are practicing in a way that is right for your body.
  • Vinyasa prepares you to go deeper. Vinyasa is an intelligent progression of yoga postures and each prepares your body for the depth and intensity of the ones to come. The order of the postures prepares your body to go progressively deeper by warming and opening in a logical sequence of increasing intensity.
  • Vinyasa is engaging.  It is not always the same. Each class is unique. The practice flows, without stops and starts. For the duration of the class, our yoga is continuous, the transition is as important as the pose. We maintain our focus on smooth, even breathing, a steady, gentle focus of the eyes, and engaging the bandhas. This increases your present moment awareness and develops your concentration.
  • Vinyasa can be personalised. Vinyasa allows for modifications so your practice can be individualised. We teach you how to get the most out of your yoga practice.

What is the best class for you?

If you are a complete beginner and have never attended a yoga class, starting with one of our 6 – Week Beginner Course is ideal.

If you are unable to attend a beginners course, a Beginners Drop In class is recommended.

If you’ve been to yoga before, but not very often or not for a long time, you could start with a Beginners Drop In class. If you feel comfortable and want to progress you are welcome to attend any of our All Levels drop in classes.

If you’ve been to yoga before and are fairly fit and strong, you are welcome to attend our All Levels drop in classes. Yoga is non-competitive and all our Tamara Yoga teachers are trained to be able to adapt the practice for your personal level so you will be very well cared for.
If you are an advanced student, and want a challenging vigorous practice, our all levels classes will provide variations for your level. You are also welcome at our Advanced class on Thursday at 9:15am.

If you have an injury, are recovering from illness, or would like a respite from stress, and techniques to help you sleep well our Restorative Yoga classes or Private Yoga Therapy  would benefit you.

Would you like us to come and teach yoga at your work, or school?  We can arrange a customised programme perfect for you.

Explore our yoga classes, yoga DVD’s, take a peek at our retreats and yoga teacher training, and let us know if you have any questions.


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